6 Tips to Get a Punjabi Chic Look

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Hi my beauties!
I am half Punjabi and half Sindhi. My “Punjabiness” always takes over on my persona. Be it the way I speak, dress or eat, everyone notices that “Punjabiness” is more prominent. Of course, I love my Sindhi side too; but I really couldn’t explore it much. Now, coming back to this post, I am going to sneak in some tips and tricks to get that pure Punjabi rocking chic look; tried and tested, totally foolproof. You can surely go for a Punjabi chic look in all kinds of functions during a wedding, just add or remove some accessories to make it apt, according to the demand of that day. Please keep on reading to find them out.
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1. Go for a color block salwar suit:

color block suit
This is what you notice whenever you enter a Punjabi get together. We love our bright colors like our bright and always-smiling personalities. We all know the color block fashion, apply that to your search for a salwar-suit. I, either go for a no sleeves sexy look or an elegant quarter sleeves for my kurti, which is always above the knees in length. For salwar, go for a patiala or semi-patiala if you are not comfortable with that much flare. You are going to get tons of compliments with this color block ethnic punjabi look.

2. Wear a paranda:

Paranda is a hair accessory worn by women in Punjab to make their long tight braid beautiful. It has beautiful mirror and beads tassels at the end. With long hair you just need to braid it along with your hair and for short hair you’d need extensions. I swear by these, parandas/parandis makes you look like a pure punjabi girl in a matter of seconds. I love how they move when we dance. There is a whole new girly variety in the market in so many colors. I rather go for a golden or silver one as per undertones of my suit. But hey, that’s just me, all those alluring colorful parandas are waiting for you.

3. Matching earrings and tikka sets:

The accessories you gonna rock with your punjabi suit are these matching earrings and tikka sets. Even if your suit is simple, this kind of set will make you look amazingly attractive. There is such a huge variety of designs – kundan, polki, pearly, multi colored beeds and more. Just get into any imitation and artificial jewelry market, there are tons of these. You just need to get your hands on the perfect one meant for your face shape. Don’t forget to try many before settling on one.

4. Punjabi Jutti:

This flat soled footwear is so comfortable to wear and dance all night in a wedding function. Wear these with your punjabi suit to give more oomph to your punjabi chic look. Now these juttis come in different styles. We punjabis love colors, don’t we? So, we have lots of colors in punjabi juttis as well, lots of intricate embroidery, beeds work, stone work, ghunghroos and colorful embellishments to choose from. You can rock these with a jeans and kurti as well.

5. Jhanjhar:

This punjabi look is going to be incomplete without a beautiful pair of Jhanjhar. These are thicker than normal anklets and designs are very bold. There are so many beautiful punjabi songs on Jhanjhar. I fell in love with these, when I saw Singer Hans Raj Hans’ Jhanjhar video (it featured John Abraham!). I was a little girl back then hehehe.

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6. Bangles:

We all know that bridal choora thing is so not limited to Punjabi brides now. Every bride loves to wear a choora. When it comes to bangles, we go crazy. We go for mix and match for colorful bangles accompanied by special bangles with hanging traditional charms. I would suggest, go and ask bangle wala to make 3 staple sets – one gold, one silver and one multi-colored. They come handy that way. For extra special functions you can always go for specific colors you want.

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