6 Tips to Tackle Seasonal Skin and Hair Problems

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For me, July and August are those months when each and every day is a bad hair and skin day. Sticky skin, itchy scalp, pimples, hair fall and weird rashes are the problems I go through every year during these two months. I call it my set of seasonal skin and hair problems. 😀 Do you too face such issues but during some other months every year? Then those months are your set of seasonal beauty problems. We all try to treat these problems with high-end products, but such products don’t help much. So what can we do? Here are some really helpful tips that will help cure such seasonal beauty woes.

6 Tips to Tackle Seasonal Skin and Hair Problems

Reduce the intake of salt, sugar and oil

Yes, you need to watch your diet. Cut on that sodium from those crunchy wafers, sugar from that cookie dough ice-cream and oil from that fried chicken. Start your day with a smoothie and stick to oats or poha for breakfast. Non-vegetarians can add boiled eggs to their breakfast to stop hair fall (my dietician cousin told me that). Eat pulses if you are a vegetarian to get more protein and other nutrients necessary for healthy hair and skin. Avoid fried and junk food completely because your skin is in the most sensitive phase of the year and it reflects whatever you eat in a jiffy. Three healthy meals a day are compulsory to meet your body’s nutritional needs.

Stick to natural face and hair packs

homemade face pack

Instead of going the ‘high-end products’ way, opt for DIYs recipes for your skin and hair during this period; your skin is not ready for those nasty harsh chemicals. DIYs will help you customise according to your needs and they are completely preservatives-free. There are some preservatives which irritate the problematic skin so much that the benefits you are supposed to get turn into horrible acne or rashes. You can find so many amazing DIYs here on IMBB.


women workout for skin care

rati beauty ad

If you don’t think you are a gym person, go for running or skipping. You need to sweat and get your body working every single day. A proper blood circulation revives your body and mind. People who work out have better skin and hair texture. This also relieves tension and helps to moderate your sleep cycles which, again, helps in fast repair of your body cells.

A detox drink

Fill a jug of water at night and add mint leaves, lemon slices and ginger to it. Strain this water and drink it in the morning. It’s a great detox drink to start your day with. If you don’t like its strong flavour, you can start with the traditional lemon-honey in lukewarm water. Having green tea once a day also flushes out the toxins from your body.

Go for light makeup

woman light dewy makeup

Adding layers of foundation and concealer every day is definitely going to clog your pores during a problematic season. Let your skin breathe and keep your makeup light. If it’s not necessary, I would suggest you avoid makeup altogether to lessen the chances of breakouts and clogged pores. Use a BB cream instead of foundation and clean your brushes after every use to avoid skin infections. Take off your makeup every night and don’t forget to follow up with a moisturiser.

Do not over wash your face and hair

We tend to wash our face and hair a lot when we are going through a problematic phase. Trust me, this worsens the situation for you. Washing your face once in the morning and then before sleeping is enough. You can choose a mild face wash for evenings after you get home from work or college. Foamy washes leave your skin very dry and overusing them can hamper the natural pH balance of your skin. The same goes for your scalp and hair. Over washing hair results in heavy hair fall. Oil your hair twice a week to provide it with nourishment.

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  1. Great Tips Anshu!! especially the last one. I have my skin and hair issues during rainy/humid season. I really feel like washing my hair very often during these days. need to follow ur tips 🙂

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