6 Unexpected Ways to Use Eye Shadows

Hello girls,
Did you know that your eye shadow can be a multitasker too? Apart from using them to achieve sultry smokey eyes, here are some alternate ways you could be using eye shadows.


1. As a bronzer
You can easily use eye shadow in the place of bronzer if you don’t wish to empty your pockets purchasing them. You can use any color that has yellow, orange or tones of a bronzer over face. If you are using the creamy formula, avoid getting your face completely into sparkles. To avoid covering your face with sparkles, you can mix eye shadow with your moisturizer before applying it with your finger tips. You can use regular loose powder to give a touch up.

2. As a highlighter
Highlighting your face can be quite easy when you start using eye shadow. Highlighting with the help of eye shadow can help to give a lift to your face, giving a youthful as well as attractive appearance. I recommend using a pearlescent shade like creamy beige or a soft pink, and apply to the tops of cheekbones and down the bridge of the nose for a soft, ethereal glow.

3. To cover the grey roots
Many people have been a victim of dark hair and grey hair roots. Due to the contrast combination here, grey roots gets highlighted soon which adds an ageing element to your personality. If you want to hide those grey hair roots, you can dab some eye shadow matching your hair color and brush that part. The effect of eye shadow lasts for an entire day – just remember to brush it out before resting your head on your favorite white pillow.

4. On lips
Eye shadow can be used over lips too! If you don’t believe us, go on reading. Once you are done applying lipstick, add a pinch of a light eye shadow onto the center of the lips. This will help to make your lips appear fuller and also give them proper dimension. Women, who love more of a matte finish look with lipstick, can surely go with this trick.

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5. As a brow enhancer
You don’t need to buy any fancy pencil to give your brows a boost. Using eye shadow can make your eyebrows look more natural but the only thing you need to remember is blend away the excess color and always use an angled brush to fill in the arches. Blend out with a spooley brush to soften the appearance of your arches.

undereye6. As an undereye concealer
If your dark circles can’t be controlled with your average concealer, this is the time when you should try using a matte orange powder or cream shadow underneath. If you don’t believe me, than let me tell you that orange is the opposite shade of blue on the color wheel, which means that mixed together, the two will cancel each other out. After covering up those circles, apply foundation on top to hide any traces of orange.

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