6 Ways To Achieve Incredibly Soft and Smooth Elbows

Today’s post is all about the many ways in which you can get incredibly soft and smooth skin on your elbows. As we know quite well already, the skin on our elbows, knees, heels, etc. is prone to getting incredibly dry, flaky and can therefore tend to look quite unappealing.

Soften rough elbows

However, it isn’t all that difficult to make your skin in those regions look soft, smooth and even-toned. All you need to do is follow a simple routine and in the correct order. Let’s take a look at some simple and natural ways in which you can achieve soft and smooth elbows.

1. Exfoliate the skin on a weekly basis:
In order to get rid of the thick, dead and flaky skin on your elbows, it’s first and foremost important for you to exfoliate the area thoroughly. A simple and effective way to do that is to make use of exfoliating bath gloves along with an exfoliating shower gel or body scrub. This will allow you to maneuver around the region effectively while getting rid of the dead skin cells. This will result in baby soft skin right away, but remember that it won’t stay this way unless you follow it up with the right things!

Scrub your skin

2. Scrub the area with a lemon wedge:
If you’re dealing with dark patches in that region or with uneven skin tone, then this is what you need to do once you are done exfoliating your elbows. Take a fresh lemon wedge and thoroughly massage that region with it. Lemon has bleaching properties and it will help lighten the skin in that area. Finally, wash your elbows with plain water and follow this up with a thick cream while your skin is still damp.

3. Use an ultra-hydrating cream:

Skip the moisturizing lotions and go for a super-thick and ultra-hydrating moisturizing cream. Apply this to your elbows in generous amounts. Repeat this as often as needed during the day and before you go to bed at night. Remember, you should apply the cream while your skin is still damp, to get the best results.

Applying cream to elbows

4. Apply olive and coconut oil:
In addition to applying cream to your elbows on a regular basis, it is also a good idea to apply oils such as coconut oil and olive oil to help moisturize the area deeply and to keep the skin soft and supple in the long run.

5. Protect the skin from the sun:
We tend to neglect the skin on our elbows, knees, etc. when we apply sunscreen. However, it’s important to keep these areas protected from the harmful effects of the sun just as much. Make sure to apply sunscreen liberally to your elbows every time you step out into the sun. It’s also a good idea to remember to reapply the sunscreen to these regions every couple of hours.

Spray sunscreen application under sun

6. Apply petroleum jelly before you shower:
Another great way to keep your elbow skin soft and smooth is to apply petroleum jelly, such as Vaseline, in generous amounts just before you step into the shower. This will act as a barrier against the harsh and drying effects of soap and water and keep your skin protected, soft and smooth.

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