6 Ways to Make Fuller Lips Appear Thinner!

Hi ladies,
The world is gaga over plumped up, bold lips, but there is a very small section of ladies who would like their lips to look a bit smaller and thinner. In today’s post, let’s about few ways to make big and bold lips appear smaller and thinner!

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1. Avoid lip glosses

No matter how much you love the sheen and shine of a lip gloss but using them will draw more light to your bold lips which will in turn make them look even bolder. So hydrate and moisturize your lips some other way and try to avoid using glosses with high shine.

2. Highlight other areas of the face

muted lips bold eyes
Highlighting other areas of the face especially eyes will draw some of the attention away from the bigger lips and make your face look more proportioned.

3. Skip the lip liner

pink lip color
Lip liners add dimension to your lips and make lips stand out. Soft edges in turn will make them appear smaller.

4. Use dark lipsticks

darker lipstick
Go for darker shade of lippies that flatter your face. Dark colours have a slimming appearance be it clothes or lipsticks! Also, remember to stay away from brighter shade of lipsticks as they will accentuate your bold lips even more.

5. Use the highlighting trick

You can highlight the outer corners of your mouth with a concealer that is 1-2 shades lighter than your foundation. It will make your mouth appear wider and your lips appear thinner. Do not highlight the Cupid’s bow, as this makes your lips look fuller.

6. Use a concealer

concealer on lips
Select a lip concealer that matches the color of your skin on lips. Use it to line the upper line of your top lip and also the bottom edge of your lower lip. Now use to and fro motions of a brush to ensure that the edges of your lips properly merge in with your skin. This technique blurs your natural lip line and makes your lips look naturally thinner.

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