6 Wonderful Makeup and Hair Styling Techniques from the Cannes 2016

Hi my angels,
The Cannes fever is not over yet. I was going to through the Cannes 2016 ‘saga’ the other day. I have been quite busy in the past few days and I really wanted to sit with a giant glass of cold coffee and go check out all the makeup and hair styles in the Cannes 2016. Once, I started, I had to write this post for all of you. Cannes this year gave me major makeup and hair goals. Let’s get started with them ladies.

1. Colourful Wings:

aishwarya makeup cannes 2016

I was going like ‘Yassssss… !!’ when I first saw Aish with those blue winged eyes. Drop dead gorgeous and chic look. And then Rati’s look came and I was double ‘Yassssss… !!’ . As Rati ma’am has already taught us how to create Aishwarya’s blue wings, I know so many of you are going to try this. I say, do go for colored wings. A little tip, to make them last longer, use a colored kohl or eyeliner as base and then pat on your colored eyeshadow with a damp brush. Use a MAC Fix+ or any setting spray to dampen the brush. Your wings will keep flying until you use your makeup remover.

2. The Wet Look:

kendall jenner makeup and hair cannes 2016
Kendall Jenner knows how to slay it. While her makeup was minimal, she stole the show with her ‘Wet’ looking hair. Her face was rather glossy than matte or contoured. Jenner’s slicked back hair was calling for an award for the best hairstyle on the red carpet. You can try this super hot hairstyle too, with a nourishing oil throughout the lengths (Kendall’s hairstylist Jen Atkin used Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil and filled out Kendall’s hairline with Color Wow Root Cover Up).

3. Bun with a Twist:

riley hairstyle
Riley Keough’s hairstylist was same as Kendall’s. And this guy Jen Atkin sure is an amazing hair artist. He made a fishtail braid first and then twisted it into a bun. It gave an intricate delicate look to that bun and Riley Keough’s classic chignon became a style statement. It’s so easy to try without much products, so do give it a go beauties.

4. Accessorized Tresses:

blake lively hairstyle cannes 2016
I loved Blake Lively’s look throughout the festival. She flaunted her baby bump so cutely in that shimmery dress. She was oh so confident and flirty. I can’t praise her enough. Now the accessory I am talking about is that hair-band she wore with the Cinderella dress. It was a pale blue Vivienne Westwood Couture gown. Her hair was set as a princess kinda updo accessorized with a crystal head band. I am gonna get some crystal head bands this weekend.

5. A New Matching Game:

amal clooney matching lipstick and earring cannes 2016
Amal Clooney gave us a new matching goal. Earrings with lipstick. And, I must say it looks good and gives so much definition to her face. With subtle eye makeup, this red lippie of hers stood out like a star.

6. Play with Glitter:

eva longoria eye makeup cannes 2016
Eva Langoria’s eye shadow was such a glittery surprise. Every time she would have blinked, it must have got others talking. This incorporation of gold was definitely intriguing. This can be a little OTT but we love to experiment. Don’t we?

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