7 Amazing Beauty Benefits of Grapefruit

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Today’s post is all about that beautiful, pink citrusy fruit called grapefruit. Grapefruit is often touted as a superfood because of its countless health benefits. Grapefruit is a powerful antidote and preventive for many diseases, ranging from cancer and diabetes to gum infections, arthritis, cholesterol problems, and much more. In addition to being a miracle health food, grapefruit also comes loaded with a host of beauty benefits. Incorporating grapefruit in your regular diet can offer you plenty of skin and hair benefits. The best part is that grapefruit is commonly available in India, so you can easily make it a part of your diet.

Grapefruit is extremely high on its Vitamin C content. This is why it is often included in many skin care products such as cleansers and serums. In addition to Vitamin C, grapefruit also contains a substantial amount of Vitamin A, potassium and many other antioxidants.

Let’s take a look at some of the numerous beauty benefits of grapefruit.

1. Preserves youthful skin

The nutritious ingredients in grapefruit help boost collagen production in the skin, thereby preventing and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Grapefruit helps maintain the plumpness and youthfulness of your skin.

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2. Protects skin against sun damage and pollution

Grapefruit is loaded with antioxidants, which fight the free radical damage on the skin caused by air pollution and the harmful UV rays of the sun. Eating grapefruit regularly will even out your skin tone and counteract the many visible signs of sun damage and environmental pollution on the skin.

3. Reduces acne and blemishes

In addition to its hydrating and skin plumping properties, grapefruit also has some excellent astringent properties, which make it a great food item for those with oily and acne-prone skin. Grapefruit also helps increase the pH of your skin, which can again be useful when trying to treat acne.

4. Promotes hair growth

The high content of Vitamin C and Vitamin A in grapefruit is extremely beneficial for the overall health of your body and immune system, which in turn have a positive, stimulating effect on hair growth. Grapefruit can greatly enhance the growth of your hair follicles and can improve the overall health and condition of your hair.

5. Helps treat dandruff

Apart from promoting hair growth, grapefruit can also help reduce and treat dandruff. The extract of grapefruit seed works to combat the bacteria that thrive on the hair follicles and cause dandruff and a resultant dry, flaky scalp. Until that bacteria is targeted, dandruff (and the consequent clogged hair follicles) continues to hamper hair growth and the hair looks dull and dry.

6. Exfoliates the skin

Similar to its astringent properties, grapefruit also works as an excellent exfoliator for the skin. When applied topically in DIY face masks or with the use of grapefruit skin care products, the Vitamin C content in it helps remove dull, dead cells and brighten and rejuvenate the skin. When consumed as a part of the diet, grapefruit helps increase the pH of the skin and improve blood circulation to the skin.

7. Keeps the skin hydrated and plump

Being a citrusy fruit, the water content of grapefruit is very high. Along with its anti-ageing and youthfulness-inducing properties, grapefruit helps your skin stay hydrated and retain water. As a result, you will find that your skin remains soft and supple. This is especially useful if you suffer from the dry or dehydrated skin.

There are many ways in which you can incorporate grapefruit as a part of your diet and skincare routine. Grapefruit is a great ingredient for salads and desserts. Grapefruit juice is another option that you could consider. Apart from DIY face masks and sheet masks, you could opt for the many grapefruit based skin care products (cleansers, serums, masks) available in the market.

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