7 Amazing Ways to Enhance Your Beauty with Orange Peel Powder

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Today’s post is about the many beauty benefits of the all-natural ingredient orange peel powder. Just like the fruit orange, its peel also has numerous benefits. Unfortunately, most of us overlook these benefits and simply throw the peel away once we have eaten the fruit. It’s very easy to make orange peel powder at home, but if you’d rather get yourself some from the market, it is also very easily available.

Orange Peel Powder

Orange peel powder is a magic beauty ingredient. It is great to even out your skin tone. It works well on skin blemishes and scars, is an effective antidote to acne, and even controls oily skin. Moreover, the high concentration of antioxidants and Vitamin C in it makes your skin bright and radiant, while ensuring that it looks firm and youthful. It also contains calcium, magnesium and potassium, all of which work in different ways to repair and protect your skin cells.

There are many ways in which you can whip up a homemade face pack using orange peel powder. You can mix it with yogurt, milk, honey, cooled green tea, turmeric paste, or many other ingredients, depending on the results you’re looking to achieve.

Here is what orange peel powder does for your skin:

1. Natural cleanser:

By mixing orange peel powder with any other ingredient of your choice (yogurt, milk, water), you can make a very effective natural cleanser. You can apply this mixture to your face, leave it on for a few minutes and then gently wash it off with lukewarm water. This will get rid of any dead cells, as well as blackheads and whiteheads. It will leave you with clear and radiant skin.


2. Cures and prevents acne:

Orange peel powder has several powerful properties to prevent acne. When used regularly as a cleanser and/or as a face mask, this gets rid of excess oil/sebum, surface dirt and grime, and actively cures the acne problem. When using this as a face mask for acne problems, mix it with a little bit of oatmeal and baking soda, or turmeric and fuller’s earth (multani mitti), for best results.

3. Evens out the skin tone:

If you’re dealing with blemishes, hyperpigmentation or acne scars, orange peel powder will take care of all of that and really work to even out your skin tone. Mix the orange peel powder with some honey and yogurt and use it as a face mask to keep your skin free of scars and blemishes.

4. Brightens and tightens:

Orange peel power is also known to prevent premature ageing and free radical damage. It also leaves your skin looking bright, radiant and youthful. Mix the orange peel powder with turmeric, yogurt and honey and use as a face mask. This will instantly brighten your skin and leave it feeling more rejuvenated and youthful.

5. Removes Tan:

It is also an effective way to remove suntan and heal sunburns. Simply mix the orange peel powder with yogurt and use it as a pack wherever required.


6. Controls excess oil:

Orange peel powder works like magic to control excess sebum without making your skin feel dry. Whether you use it as a cleanser, exfoliator or face mask, it will unclog your pores and control oil in a well-balanced way. This is how it also helps to treat and prevent acne, blackheads and whiteheads.

7. Heals dry skin:

Orange peel powder truly has something to offer for everyone! If you have dry skin, then, too, this ingredient can work magic for your skin. Dry patches or flaky skin can easily be cured by mixing orange peel powder with some coconut oil and milk and using this mixture as a face mask. You will find that this deeply nourishes your skin while leaving it feeling clean and clear.

Whatever your skin care needs—whether it’s anti-ageing or acne—orange peel powder is a must-have, all-natural beauty ingredient that is sure to work its magic!

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