7 Awesome Tips to Reduce Arm Flab

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Summer calls for sleeveless. But many women shy away from sleeveless clothes because of shaggy, flabby arms. If you are one of them then worry not because today’s post is all about toning your arms. Follow these tips to flaunt the perfectly toned arms.
toning arms

1. Proper nutrition:

First of all, start watching what goes in your mouth. You will have to learn to control temptations and focus on having all the nutritious food only. Ditch packaged or processed foods. They only contain taste enhancers and no nutritional value. Always go for natural food that helps you feel more energetic, reduces fluctuations and improves your health overall. Try to stick to three good meals each day, with limited snacking.

2. Low calorie diet:

Cut down on unnecessary calories from your diet to fasten your fat-burning process. This means cutting down on soda, fried foods, candies and even your favorite cup of coffee. Switch to healthier options like green tea, dark chocolates, soups and fruit salads. Lean proteins, high-fiber carbs, and a wide variety of vegetables are the best bet.

3. Lift weights:

tricep exercise
The common sites for fat accumulation in your arms are your triceps. Lifting weights and using resistance bands to target the arm muscles will help strengthen and tone your arms, especially your triceps.

4. Other exercises:

A study showed that Triangle Pushups account for the most muscle activity in the arms, making it the best exercise to reduce arm flab. Other effective exercises include push-ups, bench dips, biceps curls, arm circles, bench press and shoulder press.

5. Drink water:

Drink plenty of water each day. It helps your body function more efficiently and also helps you eat less. It is important to stay hydrated at all times.

6. Cardio:

All the gym workouts will do but little if you do not do some aerobic exercises each week. Perform your favorite aerobic exercises every week to get you heart pumping and sweat dripping for about 30-45 minutes each time. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention suggests 300 minutes or more cardio per week to help you burn fat. Some effective weight-loss workouts include brisk walking, jogging and elliptical training.

7. Stick to a routine:

Keep yourself motivated and continue with the routine regularly for best results. Most people are very excited when they start but eventually give up owing to multiple reasons. You need to know that non-surgical spot reductions are only myths. You will possess a perfectly toned body and arms only with patience and determination. So keep working and you will definitely see the results.

Tip: Before starting on a diet and exercise routine to reduce arm flab, determine your BMI. If it is above 30, consider talking to a doctor first. You might need to embark differently. If your BMI is normal, simple lifestyle changes are likely to do the trick.
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