7 Basics You Need to Know About Coordinated Clothes Fashion Trend!

You must have noticed that coordinated outfits are in vogue. Have you tried the trend yet? If not, then here is everything you need to know about it!

1. Matchy-matchy wins!

Don’t feel that you will look like a kid when wearing coordinated clothes. Yes coordinates are supposed to be matchy-matchy but they are also fun to dress up. You can find them in various prints and textures and find out what works for you!

2. Experiment with the style

co-ord top and skirt
Yes, coordinated patterns will confuse you. You might feel that they are in your face but you can start with small prints in subtle shades. Then you can gradually move on to bigger prints. Do not say no to print without trying it on first. You might just like that coordinated piece of clothing.

3. Trend requires minimum efforts

You will be wearing the same print on your top as well as bottom. This leaves very little room to experiment with different accessories. So you can just choose a good pair of co-ords and you are good to go.

4. Layer them up

If you are afraid that you might look like a walking flower in floral coordinated clothing, then why not wear a blazer over. Incorporating a solid coloured piece of clothing will take the unnecessary attention away from the co-ords and you will also be able to wear this trend.

5. Swap the coordinated pieces

You can buy a co-ord set like a fitted top with probably a skirt or a trouser in florals. You can easily swap that floral top with a plain cami to go with a skirt or vice-versa. This way, you will be able to get more wear out of your outfits.

6. Co-ords come in solid colours too

For all of those who think they can’t carry off top to bottom prints and are intimidated by them, they can easily go for co-ords in solid colours. They are easy to wear, versatile to style and also make for perfect office wardrobe.

7. They conceal your body flaws

striped outfit
If you want an elongated effect then you can choose co-ords in vertical stripes. If you are skinny and want to add a bit of volumizing effect then you can choose to go for horizontal stripes.

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