7 Bath and Body Care Tips for the Winter Season

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The winter season is my favourite among them all, and I eagerly wait for the colder months every year. However, the winter season is also the one that can actually be the harshest for our skin and hair. Even as we update our skincare routine and introduce more hydrating products into it, it is important to keep some other guidelines in mind as far as bath and body care in the winter season is concerned.

Therefore, I have compiled a list of 7 tips for you to keep in mind during your bath and body care routine this season.

1. Always shower/bathe with lukewarm water:

It can be very tempting to stand under a hot shower for long durations in the winter. I’m not going to deny that it is extremely comforting to do so in the colder months. However, nothing can be worse for your skin and hair! Water at a high temperature does a lot of damage to the skin cells and hair follicles. I’m guilty of this habit myself, but I am gradually trying to change it. It is ideal to maintain the water at lukewarm temperature to shower/bathe and to wash your hair.


2.  Moisturize right after your shower:

Don’t leave the ritual of moisturizing your face and body for later in the day. Do it right after your shower. It is ideal to store your moisturizer or cream in the bathroom so that you can use it right after drying yourself. The warm water helps open up your pores, making this the ideal time for your skin to absorb and retain the hydration from your moisturiser.

3.  Pick your moisturiser wisely:

It is always a better idea to opt for an oil-based lotion or cream in the winter season rather than a lightweight water-based moisturizer (which can be better for the hotter and more humid months). This will really hydrate and enrich your skin and keep it moisturized through the day. Using cold-pressed coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil is also a great alternative to moisturizers.

4.  Go for a soap-free body cleanser:

When picking a cleanser for your bath or shower routine in the winter, you want to make sure that it is soap-free. Soap can have a very drying effect on your skin. It is also essential to avoid alcohol in cleansers. Instead, go for something that is ultra-hydrating while cleansing. You may also want to keep in mind that dermatologists recommend that you need not use soap/cleanser all over your body, every single time you shower. By using your cleanser only selectively, you’re protecting your skin from damage and premature ageing.


5.  Use an oil-based or cream-based face cleanser:

Typically, facial cleansers can be very harsh on the skin. Gel-based cleansers can really strip your skin of all its moisture. To keep your skin soft and hydrated, it is a good idea to switch your facial cleanser to an oil-based or cream-based one for the winter season. This will cleanse your skin gently without overdrying or irritating your skin. A cleansing balm is also a good alternative.

6.  Exfoliate regularly:

The winter season invariably means drier skin, which means more flakiness and dead skin cells. This makes it more important for you to exfoliate both your face and your body regularly. For your body, you could use something simple and nourishing such as a DIY coffee scrub. If you have sensitive skin, then you could opt for a chemical exfoliator for your face. But the maintain the health and radiance of your skin, regular exfoliation in the winter season is necessary.

7.  Wear sunscreen every single day:

These cold and cloudy days can be very deceptive, because they may lead us to believe that we don’t need sun protection. Except the UV rays of the sun can be just as damaging even in the winter season. Make sure to protect your face and all other exposed parts of your body by wearing sunscreen each time you step out.


Making small changes can make a huge difference to how your skin looks and feels in the cold months. But most importantly, don’t forget to drink enough water in addition to the many cups of tea, coffee and hot chocolate!

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