7 Bedtime Habits that Cause More Harm to Your Skin

Hey, wonderful IMBB women!

While you are trying your best to look beautiful and youthful throughout the day, there are some sneaky little habits which you do every night that causes so much damage in the long term. These seven bedtime habits can make you get a glowing, supple skin and healthy body. So stop tonight, before you cause irreversible damage to your skin.


Read on ladies!

1. Sleeping With your Hair Open:


Sleeping with open hair causes tangles and knots in your hair. But, the friction caused by rubbing your hair against a not-so-soft pillowcase can cause damage and breakage of strands. Lightly, tie your hair and sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase to have shiny and healthy hair.

2. Lowering or Increasing the Temperature:

We love snuggling in a blanket with our AC on or keeping the heater on chilly winter nights. But, your body needs an ambient temperature to sleep. Too low or high temperature can cause dryness and dehydration. It will lead to parched skin and premature ageing. So, switch to a thermostat with an auto temperature cutoff. Use blankets according to weather and use a humidifier.

3. Late Night Chatting:


Do you have a habit of talking on your mobile before sleeping? Your phone houses so many bacteria and it transfers them to your cleansed and moisturised face for the whole night. Sleeping late also has many negative effects on your body, so you need to keep your chatting to a minimum level and if necessary, use headphones or speaker option.

4. Not Removing Makeup:

The same old fact, right? Never ever sleep with your makeup on! Breakouts, smeared kajal, clogged pores, whiteheads, blackheads- sounds scary right? Well, these are just some of the consequences of sleeping with your makeup on! So, remove your makeup and cleanse your face properly to avoid these problems.

5. Sleeping On your Stomach:


Even though it might be comfortable to sleep, this is the worst possible position to sleep. Pressing your face against the pillow every night will give you wrinkles and lines very soon! Also, it can lead to saggy breasts due to gross sleeping negligence. So, switch to sleeping on your back or even on your side for better long term benefits.

6. Not Changing your Pillowcases Regularly:

If not every day, then change your pillowcase once or twice in a week. Change your pillowcase to avoid sleeping on dead cells, oils, grease and broken hair strands. This way your skin will look and feel better and clean.

7. Drinking Before Sleeping:


Cut down on your alcohol intake before bedtime. It disturbs your sleep pattern, hampers the body system and slows down the tissue repair and regeneration. Too much of alcohol can cause puffy skin, bloating and sluggishness. So, avoid alcohol altogether or keep it to a minimum level before bedtime.

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