7 Best Acne and Pimple Tips of All Time

By Shibri K.

Today, I have tips for acne and pimple sufferers, and I think if you have trouble with your skin, you must try these 7 tips for sure.

1) Choose your face wash wisely: Cleansing is basic step of skincare and choice of right facewash is very important in treating Acne. If you have acne prone skin, opt for mild facewash with antiseptic properties. Face washes with Neem & tea tree oil are best for Acne prone skin. Do not using foaming facewashes & facewashes with scrubbing granules at all.

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2) Say no to home remedies: When you suffer from acne, there are so many people around you who would suggest you things from all over the world. From clove oil to papaya & tomato, suggestions are numerous. But the thing is that home remedies are slow, really very slow to show any difference if any at all. Moreover, there are chances that they can have some adverse reaction on you as well. Better stay away from them for a while.

3) Seek Expert help: If your acne is severe then it is wise to consult a derma as soon as possible. Seeking expert help at early stage would save your skin from agony of going through a lot of stuff. Be regular with regime suggested by doc & soon enough you will see visible results that too without much efforts.

4) Do not exfoliate: Exfoliating skin over pimples would irritate your skin & make the appearance even worse. Stay away from the temptation of scrubbing your face if you have active acne. If you have too much blackheads & cannot avoid scrubbing at all, you can opt for facewash with salicylic acid & glycolic acid as these two ingredients will provide gentle exfoliation to your skin without manual force.

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5) Stop experimenting: If you have acne, keep your skincare routine as minimal as possible. Those fancy serums & tubes of lotions can wait until you have a clear canvas. You may feel urge to try everything under the sun to get rid of your acne but that’s not gonna help at all, Trust me. Patience is the key.

6) Treat Dandruff: Among a lot of reasons for acne, dandruff is one of the most common. Dandruff is one silent culprit, especially if you have pimples on your forehead. Use a good anti-dandruff shampoo alongside your acne treatment. Apply good anti-dandruff shampoo at least twice a week on your hair for efficient results.

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7) Detox from inside: You have to be little wise with your food choices when you are suffering from acne. You need to figure out triggers for your acne. Also, Apart from drinking lots of water, also include fresh fruit juices in your diet to keep your body cool. Limit intake of dairy products as well.

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6 thoughts on “7 Best Acne and Pimple Tips of All Time

  1. Treating dandruff is one of the best advices. People often ignore this factor and keep applying various things on their face mindlessly.

  2. Those steps are GOLD! Seriously! Best post ever for acne! I have terribly acne prone skin and I’ve spent soooo much on all expensive serums n toners n what not! All Clinique n stuff I tell u! When none of them worked, all I did was follow my moms advice n just use a gentle facewash n moisturiser. That’s it! My acne has cleared up so much! I’m so happy although I have so many products which are still 3/4th or more full n I have no idea what to do bout them 🙁
    Anyways this is a fantastic post and I guess every girl who has acne must follow these rules blindly

  3. This is the best tip anyone could give 😀
    Homemade remedies don’t really help.

    No need to take hormonal medicines but showing it to a skin specialist helps a lot 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Awesome post !

  4. Great post! 🙂
    For me when I have occasional breakouts a few home remedies do help. But if on a breakout spree a visit to a dermatologist is a MUST!

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