7 Best Smudgeproof Gel Eyeliners Available in India

Admit it our life would be incomplete without dramatic eyes and eyeliner is a basic makeup tool for every women. Eyeliner was my first step towards makeup when I was a teenager. Finding that perfect smudgeproof gel liner can be tough job, but we got it all covered! Below is the list of 7 best smudgeproof gel eyeliners available in India!

7 Best Smudgeproof Gel Eyeliners Available in India

1. Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel EyeLiner:

This eyeliner is a gel based eyeliner and is waterproof, sweat proof and humidity resistant. The product also claims that it is smudgeproof and won’t fade away.
Price: INR 1450

2. Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner:

7 Best Smudgeproof Gel Eyeliners Available in India Maybelline

The texture of the product is really smooth which helps your brush to glide easily. The pigmentation is rich and one swipe is enough for intense black colour. If your on a budget, then this product might be perfect for you.
Price: INR 525

3. Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner:

This is an another good buy for makeup enthusiasts. The Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner is smudgeproof as well as waterproof. As the tip is super slim, you can easily create ultra thin line or a wink with ease.
Price: INR 800

4. L’Oreal Paris 36H Super Liner Profound Black Gel Intenza Eyeliner:

7 Best Smudgeproof Gel Eyeliners Available in India Loreal

The application of the product is easy as it comes with a brush, the pigmentation is out of question it’s highly pigmented. The gel liner is smudgeproof, sweat proof and crease-proof. Everything in one bottle!
Price: INR 800

5. Lakme Absolute Gloss Artist Eyeliner:

This eyeliner has a glossy finish and the colour is deep black. The product allows you to draw even lines as the tip is really thin. This eyeliner stays in place for a really long time.
Price: INR 600

6. MAC pro long wear Fluidline Gel Eyeliner:

7 Best Smudgeproof Gel Eyeliners Available in India Mac

King of makeup! I don’t think this brand needs any comment! This eyeliner is ultra smooth and soft in texture. It is a long-stay liner and claims to stay for 6 hours! The Mac Pro long wear fluid line gel eyeliner is completely smudgeproof and comes in wide range of colours to play!
Price: INR 1450

7. NYX The Curve Eyeliner:

The eyeliner itself looks like a beautiful curvy lady! the unique shape makes the application easy and mistake-proof.The product is beautifully designed in an ergonomic shape for a precise stroke. The eyeliner is smudgeproof.

If you a women who’s day is incomplete with a eyeliner, then this article is dedicated to you! Hope this list gives you enough options to choose from. Please comment below your favourites and let me know!

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