7 Clay Mask Rules You must Follow for Great Skin

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Clay masks are your skin’s best friend, especially if you have oily skin. I personally love using clay masks during summers a lot. Apart from providing pore shrinking and oil controlling benefits, clay masks can provide the perfect amount of hydration to every skin type and brighten it up, too. But, using a clay mask is not as simple as just applying it and removing it. You must follow a few simple clay mask related rules if you want to reap maximum benefits.

Rule #1: Use the right clay mask

Always choose the right product for your skin, according to your skin type and its condition. And, if you are making a clay mask on your own, do a good research and find out which clay will suit your skin type and condition the best. All clays differ in colour, texture and properties. Bentonite clay is considered to be most useful as it efficiently extracts impurities from the skin. Red clay, on the other hand, helps in brightening the complexion. French green clay efficiently absorbs excess sebum from the skin. Apart from this, clay masks nowadays are for everyone. They can treat dryness, deliver anti-ageing benefits, control acne, and even firm up your skin. Thus, opting for the right clay mask is a vital step.

Rule #2: Prep your skin for the application

Firstly, cleanse your face with a mild cleanser and pat dry. If you do not apply your clay mask over cleansed face, then your time and money both will go down the drain. If you use clay mask once or twice a week, then you can definitely take facial steam beforehand. Or, put a warm towel over your face for a few minutes. This will help in making your skin soft and open up the pores; this will help your clay mask work better.

Rule #3: Apply evenly to the right areas

If you apply one thick layer of the clay mask in just one go, you’re wrong. You must spread a thin and even layer of clay mask first. When you are done with the first layer, start layering the clay mask. Do not take too much amount else it will become cakey on your face. Also, apply the mask over the area between the brows, down the temples and under the chin. Avoid using your clay mask over your neck if you do not have issues like acne, oiliness, etc. Also, strictly avoid using clay on your undereye area and around the corners of your lips. These areas are super delicate and clay masks can further dry them too much.

Rule #4: Pair it up with another mask

You can definitely do this. I, too, once in a week follow up with a sheet mask or a hydrating mask. This habit does not make the skin oily or cause any irritation. This can make your skin super soft and bright. You can further follow up with any hydrating mask or brightening mask, but remember not to follow up with another oil-absorbing mask.

Rule #5: Do not let it dry completely

Never ever let your clay mask dry completely. As soon as the thin layer starts getting dry or changing its colour, you must wash it off. Initially when the clay mask is dry, your skin absorbs nutrients from it. Later, when the inner layer of clay mask starts drying, it absorbs sebum, dirt and impurities from your skin. But when you let it dry completely, clay starts absorbing moisture from your skin, which can leave your skin really dry. Thus, do not wait for the clay to become super dry and flaky.

Rule #6: Do not rinse it off in a hurry

Rinsing clay mask in one of the most important steps. If you do not rinse it properly, it can lead to clogged pores and can make your skin itchy, too. To rinse the clay mask properly, splash some lukewarm water on your face a couple of times. Start removing the clay mask from the area in a circular motion. If you have sensitive skin, use a very light hand because the skin becomes super sensitive after using a facial mask. When you are done removing all traces of the clay mask, splash some cool water and then pat your skin dry.

Rule #7: Don’t use it too often

Never think that you can use a clay mask on a regular basis. You must read the instructions of each clay mask. If you have oily skin, use your mask twice a week. When you start using clay masks often, your skin starts turning dry and damaged over time. So, be patient with clay masks and use them with caution.

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  1. I think rule #5 is often the most disregarded. Unfortunately, most of us seem to think that the best way to use a clay mask is to let it dry completely till it cracks! As a rule of thumb, I use 10 minutes as a benchmark for keeping a clay mask on (of course this can differ based on the mask itself, how thick a layer you’ve applied, and the weather).

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