7 Different Ways to Use Curd for Different Hair Problems

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Curd is one of the common ingredients found in every kitchen and hence, it can be included in your daily routine as well. The Curd is highly rich in proteins, nutrients, vitamins and calcium which helps in treating many skin and hair problems. Curd can be used almost every day and once you start using it, you would realise that it is one of the best ingredients that you should be using for your hair.


Check out some of the different ways to use curd for several hair treatments.

1. Curd for Dandruff:

Curd can help in treating the dandruff problems on the scalp as it works as an effective anti-dandruff treatment. Take one cup of curd and apply it all over your scalp and leave it for some time. Make sure you cover your scalp with curd and then wash off with lukewarm water for 10 minutes.


2. Curd and Lemon for Hydration:

A combination of curd and lemon can help in keeping your scalp healthy as well as help in locking the moisture on your tresses. Take one cup of curd and add some lemon juice to it. Now, mix it properly and apply it on your scalp. Repeat doing this twice or thrice in a week for hydrated and moisturised tresses.


3. Curd as a Conditioner Mask:

Curd can also be used as a conditioner mask. Take some curd, add one egg and add some olive oil to the mixture. Apply this mixture all over your scalp and wait for some time. Wash off and use this mask every week. Using curd can help to give you soft and shiny hair.


4. Curd for Tanned Scalp:

Curd can also be used as an anti-tan ingredient. Whip some curd and add some lemon juice to the mixture. Now, rub this mixture on the scalp and massage it in circular directions. Using this mixture on tanned scalps can help in healing the dry patches; thanks to the bacteria present in the curd.


5. Curd for Hair Fall:

There are a lot of benefits of using curd on hair and one among the benefits is it can help to cure hair fall. Take one cup of curd and add 2-3 spoons of fenugreek seed paste. Now, mix both the ingredients together and apply the paste all over your scalp. Wash off the scalp with lukewarm water. Using this paste twice can help to treat hair fall effectively. This can also be used for dandruff.


6. Curd for Hair Growth:

Other than using curd for hair fall, it can also be used to boost your hair growth. Using amla powder along with curd can help in boosting your hair growth, thus, controlling the hair fall. Apply this paste on your scalp and wash off after 15 minutes. Repeat doing this at least once in a week to enjoy long and strong hair.


7. Curd for Dry Hair:

Apart from boosting your hair growth, curd can also be helpful for dry hair. Take one cup of curd and add one egg to the curd and whip it properly. Add some honey and one spoon of lemon juice if needed. Apply this mixture on your scalp and wait for some time. Make sure you wear a shower cap and allow the mixture to sit for 20 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water.


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