7 Drinks You Should Avoid Drinking Before a Workout

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Today, we would be talking about 7 Drinks which you should never, ever drink before a workout session. It is necessary to drink water to stay hydrated before a workout. According to the recent studies, it is said that a person should drink only 20 ounces of water two hours before the workout, eight ounces during warm up and eight ounces in between the sessions depending upon your body needs. Well, hydrating your body is always good but, here we mention you 7 drinks which you avoid drinking before a workout.

7 Drinks You Should Avoid Drinking Before a Workout5

Read on to know them.

1. Sugar-Loaded Drinks:

You should avoid consuming sugar-loaded drinks and sugar-loaded diet before a workout. Consuming sugar-loaded juice has shown positive effects in liver dysfunction, metabolic syndrome, and obesity. Instead of opting for sugar juices, you can opt for fresh mint, citrus or berry juice to keep your body hydrated throughout the workout. The best alternative to sugar-loaded drinks is to have some coconut water as it will prevent your body from dehydration.

7 Drinks You Should Avoid Drinking Before a Workout3

2. Coconut Milk:

You should avoid drinking coconut milk before a workout session as it is not a good choice to prefer before a workout. Coconut milk is much different than coconut water and hence, it should be avoided before or after a tedious workout session. Due to a large amount of fats and carbohydrates present in coconut milk, it may leave you with a feeling of sluggishness and bloating. Many of them suffer from gastric problems after consuming coconut milk.

7 Drinks You Should Avoid Drinking Before a Workout4

3. Alcohol:

This might sound crazy, but you should never ever drink alcohol before a workout session. Alcohol can leave your body dehydrated and also impact your body in a negative way. This is not ideal when you are going on a jogging or weight lifting session as it may leave your body dehydrated.

7 Drinks You Should Avoid Drinking Before a Workout

4. Milk-Based Drinks:

Milk-based drinks also affect your body in a negative way as they are rich in fats, carbs, and proteins. Milk contains a high amount of carbohydrates, complex proteins, and fats which take a lot of time to digest properly and hence, you should drink milk-based drinks after a workout and not before. Instead, you can opt for protein rich drinks which can be easily digested.

5. Carbonated Drinks:

Drinking carbonated drinks like soda can leave you with the gastric problem, bloating issues and abdominal pain. Due to a significant amount of sodium present in the carbonated drinks, it draws out the soda from the body thus, leaving your body dehydrated. For some, drinking carbonated drinks can be the reason behind migraine problems, memory loss, dizziness and mood swings. Instead, you can drink green tea as it helps to keep your body healthy and refreshed.

7 Drinks You Should Avoid Drinking Before a Workout6

6. Sorbitol Drinks:

You should avoid drinking liquids with sorbitol in it. When sorbitol is consumed in high quantities, it leads to a laxative effect on the body. It has also been linked to bloating, flatulence and gastric problems. If you are drinking sorbitol drinks before a workout or a running session, it may end up making you tired sooner than usual. It is always good to replace your sorbitol drinks with electrolyte drinks especially before a workout session.

7 Drinks You Should Avoid Drinking Before a Workout2

7. Lots of Water:

Water helps to keep your body hydrated, but drinking a lot of water can create hurdles while working out at the gym. You should drink water two hours before workout and not just before the workout. Drinking 2-3 glasses of water before a workout or a long run is a bad choice as it may leave you with a bloated stomach.

7 Drinks You Should Avoid Drinking Before a Workout1

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