7 Easy Everyday Hairstyles for Long Hair

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Having long beautiful hair is a dream come true. But, maintaining it and looking stylish everyday with minimum efforts is a challenge. If you have long hair and find styling your hair a daunting task, I have got you covered. Check out these easy everyday hairstyles for long hair that you can make in a jiffy and look super chic.

7 Easy Everyday Hairstyles for Long Hair

1. Half Top Knot

This is a quick hairstyle that doesn’t need finesse or perfection. It can be worn a little messy to look super fashionable and is a low maintenance hairstyle. Section off your hair from the top, add a little volume by teasing and secure the bun. Spray a little serum to add shine to your mane.

2. Wrapped Ponytail

7 Easy Everyday Hairstyles for Long Hair Wrapped ponytail

A ponytail with a twist that looks cool and takes no time at all. You can take your basic ponytail a notch higher by wrapping a section of your hair around it. Secure it with bobby pins and add a little hair spray to help with frizz and longevity.

3. Twisted Bun

This hairstyle looks dainty and elegant, and can be worn in a variety of events from your prom to a date night. Section your hair into two, and twist it into a shoelace knot. Further twist the sections, roll into a bun and secure with hairspray.

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4. Fishtail Braid

7 Easy Everyday Hairstyles for Long Hair fishtail braid

It looks intricate and elaborate, but it will be your BFF once you get the hang of it. You need a little help at the beginning, but once you master it you will resort to it for every long day, to keep your looking absolutely prim, proper and pretty.

5. Chignon

Long hair can be styled into a neat chignon for meetings, events and parties. It looks sophisticated with minimum efforts and prevents your hair from looking dull and limp even on bad hair days.

6. Half Up Half Down

7 Easy Everyday Hairstyles for Long Hair Hald up hald down

Half up half down hairstyles can be worn in different ways and never look boring or go out of style. It’s a favorite from celebrities and takes a few seconds to amp up your look. All you need are some pins, a comb, some hair serum and holding spray. Whether it be braiding the upper section, or simple pinning it, this style is universally flattering and easy to create.

7. Messy Braids

Braids are all time favorites for medium and long hair. On daily wear, you can count on messy braids to give you that texture and volume, without your hair going haywire. The coolest thing is that you can sleep in your braids and simple add a little texture to give that perfect messy braid vibe.

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