7 Easy Tips to Prevent Stomach Bloating


I am sure many of us deal with bloating and water retention. These issues cause puffiness, fatigue and weight gain. This happens more so during the festive occasions and on holidays where we eat loads of junk food and laze around. So here I share some very easy tips to prevent stomach bloating and look lean.

7 Easy Tips to Prevent Stomach Bloating

Choose fruits with high water content

high water fruit to prevent bloating

Easy enough. Intake of fruits like watermelon, pineapple and cantaloupe can prevent bloating, thanks to their high water content and sodium-flushing potassium levels. So increase consumption of such healthy fruits.

Sipping is better

A small, consistent amount of water throughout the day can maintain a normal water level. Withholding water for hours then chugging a bunch at once will shock your system and cause the reverse effect, which is swelling. So sip water regularly and don’t gulp down a lot of water at a go.

Avoid festive bloating

healthy snacking prevents bloating

Just like water, eating smaller, more frequent meals controls your blood sugar and, in turn, reduces that overstuffed feeling. Plus, healthy snacking can manage your hunger so you’re more likely to choose smarter options. Also keep proportions in check so as to prevent sudden weight gain.

Avoid continuous chewing

To help control sugar cravings, chewing gum has always been our go-to option. However, mindless chewing actually creates pockets of air in your stomach thereby leading us to bloat. Instead of gum, opt for a sugar-free peppermint, which happens to be a natural stomach relaxer.

Go the black way

The caffeine in a cup of black coffee contracts your colon and helps flush waste. Just watch the extras. Cream, milk and other members of the dairy family contribute to puffiness, so it’s better avoiding them. Opting for black coffee is beneficial to prevent bloating.

Cranberries can help

cranberries to prevent bloating

Do you know cranberry juice is one of the best diuretics available? In fact, cranberries are useful in curing UTIs. What’s more? It flushes out toxins by increasing urination. And it’s tasty and super-easy to accommodate when you’re at happy hour with the girls.

Shake your body

Lounging poolside is a major culprit in making you feel like a water balloon. Do your circulation a favor and stimulate it. Exercising and extra movement will help to prevent fat accumulation and water retention.

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