7 Easy Ways to Protect Colour-Treated Hair when You Go Swimming

Have you coloured your hair recently and are afraid to expose it to chlorine? Chlorine present in the pool water can alter the colour of your dyed hair, making it look dry, rough and brittle. I know we can spend almost the entire day in the pool during summers but that can take a toll on our hair. Protecting your hair from chlorine and UV rays is not very tricky. However, you must know how to protect coloured hair in the pool. You just have to focus on how to create a barrier between your hair and water and you’re sorted.

Wear a swim cap

This is the most practical solution to protect your coloured hair. When you wear a cap while swimming, it creates a barrier between your hair and water. Though it will not completely help in preventing your hair from getting wet, it is a much better option than exposing your hair to water. In this way, you can protect your hair from chlorine present in the pool. To ensure more safety, you can use leave-in treatments before putting on the swim cap.


Use a good amount of coconut, jojoba or argan oil to cover your hair. The oil will form a protective layer on your hair while providing nourishment. It will not let chlorine to tamper your colour molecules. Using oil treatments on coloured hair will not only save the colour from fading but also make your hair soft and smooth. Now, if you are swimming outdoors, you have to cover the oiled up hair with a shower cap else the oil will cook your hair in the sun.

Rinse hair before your swim

You must be thinking what’s the point of taking a shower before your swimming session. I will explain. If you take a shower and rinse your hair very well before the swimming time, the water will help fill up the pores and cuticles of your scalp and hair. There will be lesser chance for chlorine to slip into the already filled pores and cuticles. This will be very helpful in protecting your hair from chlorine. Remember, I am just talking about rinsing your hair and not about shampooing it.

Shampoo post swimming

It is very important to shampoo your hair with a colour protecting shampoo to remove all the chemicals, dirt and impurities. These factors can make your hair dry, rough and brittle. In addition, these can fade the colour of your dyed hair. Using a colour protecting shampoo will help you get rid of the chemical without stripping off the moisture or making them brittle. Plus, your hair color will stay intact.

Use sunscreen for hair

If you think the shower cap is not sufficient to provide you full protection then it is advised to apply a sunscreen on your hair. It will definitely prevent you from the damage which UV rays can cause to your coloured hair, plus it will create a barrier between your hair and water in the pool. Thus wearing a sunscreen on your coloured hair will provide you with a two-direction protection.

Use a clarifying shampoo

If you are a regular swimmer and have colour-treated hair, it is advised to get a clarifying shampoo. Using a clarifying shampoo after a swimming session can eliminate all the accumulated chemicals from your tresses. It will remove all the dirt and impurities deeply from your scalp and hair. This will keep the colour of your hair intact. However, clarifying shampoo should not be used more than once or twice a month as they are really strong for your hair and can strip off the moisture.

Deep conditioning

Deep conditioning is a key to soft and smooth hair. If you are coming out of the pool, shampooing, conditioning and deep conditioning are totally recommended. After shampoo, if you are not feeling lazy, you can use a super hydrating masque for your colour-treated hair. This will help in restoring the lost moisture. You can skip this process and use a normal colour protecting conditioner for sure. However, if you are using a clarifying shampoo, you must strictly go for a deep conditioning mask.

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