7 Easy Ways to Stay Fit in Winter without a Gym

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How are you all doing? I am doing good and hope you guys are enjoying the winter season. Gym memberships are quite expensive and not everyone can afford them. I don’t attend a gym and the reason behind it are the side effects of excessive workout. Today, we would be talking about different ways to stay fit during the winter season without a gym.


1. Climbing stairs


Climbing the stairs in winter is one of the effective ways to lose weight in winter and maintain the shape. Running or walking up and down the stairs is a great cardio exercise that can help you maintain your body weight and keep your legs toned. One other option is that you climb down 10 steps and climb up 20 times as it is an exercise of great intensity and power. This will allow you to sweat and maintain the body weight.

2. Indoor sports

Competitive attitude can help you lose weight in winter. When you are not hitting the gym, performing indoor sports can help to sweat well and lose weight. The best thing to do is perform jumping jacks for around a hundred times or take up activities like skipping. You can do 50 skipping a day to balance the game of weight during winter.

3. Ice skating


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If you love ice skating, this is surely one among the best aerobic exercises you can opt to. Skate as much as you can and do this for as long as 10 meters. Now come to the stop point and relax for two to three minutes. Now repeat the same. Start doing this for 15 minutes and then start extend it up to 60 minutes.

4. Dancing

For more fun and less stress on the body, opt for dancing. This is one of the easiest ways to keep your weight under control in winter. Play your favourite song and wait for around 20- 30 minutes until you start sweating like hell. And then you can start extending the dance sessions and take then up to 60 minutes. You don’t need to attend any gym or studio for this, start doing this at your place itself.

5. Walking or mall walking

If you are occupied during morning hours, you can take up mall walking as your workout. This will help to keep your fats burning. There are multiple levels in the mall and this can be one of the effective workouts that can burn your extra fat and calories. Mall walking for at least 30 minutes can make sure that you burn 300-400 calories.

6. Morning yoga


Doing yoga in the morning can help you deal with chronic joint pain during winters. Practising yoga can help increase blood circulation in the body and also deal with body pain. One important reason to do morning yoga that yoga helps keep your body warm and fit. It helps to keep your joints and muscles strong which is a soothing way to decrease joint pain.

7. Jumping ropes

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and core tight and start raising your right knee. Now bring the left arm in front and more the left foot. Land the left foot and then bring the right foot down. Repeat doing this with both the legs. This will help to keep the body warm and lose weight during winter days easily. Jumping rope will surely give you a well-maintained body.

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