7 Effective Ways to Fake a Thick Eyebrow Without Spending Too Much

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Today, I would be speaking about different ways to fake a thick eyebrow. A super thick eyebrow looks perfect on the face as it helps to redefine the facial structure and look sexy. Only a few girls are lucky enough to have a beautiful pair of thick brows. Well, if you have been thinking about how to get the most perfect and long brows, here’s a look at how to get bigger and sexier arches ever.

eyebrow shape Read on to know more.

1. Use an Eyebrow Pencil:

Well, girls with thickest brows speak about using an eyebrow pencil to enjoy a sexy looking arches. In order to get thicker eyebrows, use a pencil and thicken them a bit. Use an eyebrow pencil and make an outline of your eyebrows with the pencil. Now, fill in the brows slightly and avoid overdoing the makeup. Remember, you should always use an eyebrow pencil which looks good on your skin tone.


2. Use of Powder:

The powder is a versatile product which is used to fake the eyebrows or any other feature on the face. A lot of people have been convinced with the idea of using powder on the brows which help them to look darker and fuller. Apply some powder and it would be good if you use golden or brown powder to fill in the brows.


3. Use an Eyebrow Brush:

One important thing you should remember while faking a thick eyebrow is, you should be using an eyebrow brush. Eyebrow brush helps to blend the color quite easily and also fills in the gap with perfection. You can also try to brush out your brows, just to make sure that you don’t get any stray hairs back in place. Always use the eyebrow brush in one direction.


4. Eyebrow Conditioners:

You can use eyebrow conditioners in order to achieve flawless looking eyebrows. Using eyebrow conditioners can keep your eyebrows beautifully slicked down and gorgeous. With a huge variety of eyebrow conditioners in the market, you can make use of the one which can suit your eyebrow hair.

5. Use of Brow Gel:

Most of them struggle a lot because their eyebrows get out of control always. However, in order to prevent your hair coming out, you should use a little of brow gel. Brow gel helps to keep your hair in place and also keeps those pesky hairs in check. This is one of the easiest ways to make your eyebrow look thicker.


6. Use of Olive Oil:

Use olive oil as it helps to give you longer and thicker eyebrows. Olive oil can also be used to get thicker and longer eyelashes like you have dreamt about. You should use olive oil because the antioxidants present in the oil can help to boost the hair growth. Massage your eyebrow with warm olive oil and keep it overnight.


7. Coconut Oil:

Just like olive oil, massaging your eyebrows with warm coconut oil can help in giving you thicker and longer eyebrows. Due to useful radicals present in coconut oil, it helps to boost the hair growth of the eyebrows thus, making it look more sexy and appealing. Massage the brows with coconut oil and leave it overnight.


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  1. Eyebrows definitely make or break a girls face. And thick eyebrows give a very nice look to the face.Thick eyebrows are so much in trend these days !! These are super tricks ! I have thick eyebrows already, not Cara Delevingne thick , but thick enough so i don’t need eyebrow pencils. I Just use an eyebrow brush for those 1 or 2 lazy strands.

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