7 Effortless Tips for Applying Eyeliner on Your Lower Lash Line

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We often wear eyeliner on our upper lash line and leave our lower lash line bare thinking that it is a tricky process. The fact is that it is not tricky except that it requires some attention, and it can make most of the difference. With the right products and techniques, a beautiful stroke of eyeliner on your lower lash line can take your eye makeup game to a whole new level. Also, it provides a well-defined look to your eyes. So, let’s read about the few tips to apply eyeliner on your lower lash line perfectly.

7 Effortless Tips for Applying Eyeliner on Your Lower Lash Line2

1. Prepping is the key:

Always use a primer way before applying any makeup. It helps in making your skin smoother and eases up the application. As smooth as the base is, more smoother is the application. Aside from using a primer, use some foundation and concealer as well. It will provide a good base to the eyeliner and prolongs the wear time of your eyeliner as well.

7 Effortless Tips for Applying Eyeliner on Your Lower Lash Line

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2. Choose the right eyeliner type:

Choosing the right type of eyeliner depends on the required colour payoff or the eyeliner style you are opting for. A pencil liner is quite easy to work with, but it smudges easily. If you are opting for a pencil liner, then go for one that is less creamy and stays longer. A gel-based or cream eyeliner provides an intense colour payoff which in turn adds a drama to your eyes. Applying a liquid eyeliner is often considered as the trickiest task, but once you master the trick, it is easy to create a well-defined look. Felt tip liners are my favourite as they are versatile and give full control to draw thick or thin lines effortlessly.

7 Effortless Tips for Applying Eyeliner on Your Lower Lash Line3

3. Choose the right eyeliner shade:

Well, choosing the colour of your eyeliner is totally a personal choice. It depends on your taste, skin tone and eye colour. So, you can choose an eyeliner colour that compliments your skin tone and eye colour. Always choose a shade lighter than your eyeshadow to create a softer and neutral look. However, if you want to make your eyes look deeper, you can opt for some darker shades like brown, plum or grey otherwise, choose the classic black colour.

7 Effortless Tips for Applying Eyeliner on Your Lower Lash Line8

4. Choose the right beauty tools:

For working on the lower lash line, a small and slant-tipped brush would be a perfect choice. It makes the application easier and helps in blending the eyeliner well. With the help of a brush, you can easily apply the eyeliner on your lash line while adding a definition to your eyes. However, do not go for thick brushes as they will not facilitate a precise application and will make your eyes look artificial.

5. Create a softer look:

If you want to create a softer look, then line only till the outer 3/4th of your lower lid. It will give you a natural and defined look. If you will use a dark liner on the inner 1/4th of the lid, it can make your eyes appear smaller and harsh. On the other hand, instead of ignoring the inner 1/4th completely, you can apply your eyeliner with a lighter hand, giving it a smudgy effect, so that it does not look solid. However, if you want to create a dramatic look, you can definitely draw the line till the inner corner of your eyes. While applying, do remember not to go too far from the bottom lid as it will make your eyes look droopy and saggy.

6. Be careful while blending:

If you want to flaunt a softer or blurred look, then blending the eyeliner is the key to achieving that. You can either slide your finger softly over the eyeliner or use an eyeshadow brush to blend. It will give your eyeliner a softer and natural look. However, do not go overboard while blending otherwise, the eyeliner will cast a greyish shadow around the eye area. To make it look naturally defined, start concealing the greyish cast as soon as it starts appearing.

7 Effortless Tips for Applying Eyeliner on Your Lower Lash Line7

7. Keep your art work clean:

Always try to keep your eye makeup as clean as possible. A liner that is untidy, uneven or extending far past down the lash line makes you appear tired, dull and harsh. If your eyeliner had smudged or smeared, take a tapered Q-tip dipped in a makeup remover or micellar water, and define your eyeliner again with precision. It will make your eyes stand out for a good reason.

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