7 Elegant Ways to Stun in Lace Fashion

By Srijita Poddar

Hi ladies,
I am back with another fashion post. And this time we shall be talking all about lace. There is something so unique about lace! It feels beautiful, sexy, old world yet modern at the same time. Therefore, lace can surely be every girl’s fashion pick. However, wearing this trend can be a little tricky but we can always make it simple and so here are seven ways in which you can stun in the lace fashion.

7 Elegant Ways to Stun in Lace fashion

1. Wear lace tops

lace top
Lace tops bring a feminine charm with a lot of oomph like no other outfit. You can pick up lace tops in classic colours like white or black or let your imagination run wild and pick up exotic colours like royal blue, red, and rose pink. No matter what your pick is, wearing a lace top will definitely jazz up your everyday simple look, but be careful about your choice of lingerie under the pretty lace tops.

2. Twirl around in lace skirts

lace skirt
A lace skirt can be your BFF this summer. Why? It can infuse effortless feminine chic to your entire outfit. Heading out in the day? Pick up a lace skirt in a light neutral colour, pair it up with a comfortable and casual tee and be celebrity-cool. Want to wear it at night? A fancy top in contrasting colour, a pair of high heels and you are good to go.

3. Dress it up in lace

lace dress
If you are a fan of our Bollywood stars, you would know that Deepika loves lace, and so does Kareena, Sonakshi, Sonam, Kangana and many other Bollywood divas. So what is so special about lace dresses? That’s quite simple, actually! Nothing spells glamourous more than a lace dress. You can wear it long or wear it short, wear it sheer or wear it with a good slip, no matter how you wear it, if carried with confidence, you can never fail to stun in a lace dress.

4. Less is more

lace outfit
We’ve gone overboard with stripes, prints and colours in fashion, however lace is one such trend where one shouldn’t try and go overboard. For example, stick to basics if you are new to the lace trend. Don’t try and pair a lace top with a lace skirts or shorts unless you are absolutely sure. Always remember: less is more when it comes to lace.

5. Invest in good innerwear

lingerie with lace outfits
The lace fashion can be rocked in any way you feel comfortable. But remember, whether you are planning to go sheer or covered, your innerwear will be visible through the intricate lace fabric. So, don’t forget to invest in good ones. If you have the confidence, you can go sheer like Deepika or Rati with sheer lace black tops or you can wear a matching coloured slip underneath.

6. Add lace detailing to your look

footwear with lace detailing
Sometimes you can embrace the lace trend in seemingly small ways. For example, wear a top with delicate shoulder lace detailing or add a handbag or a pair of shoes with little lace detailing. No matter how small these additions might seem, they will bring an entire new class to your outfit.

7. Embrace lace the ethnic way

lace lehanga
Don’t think you are the dress or skirt kind of a girl? Worry not! Because, this fashion trend can be embraced in our very own desi style. If you want to think lace in ethnic but with a lot of class, think lace detailing in sarees and in lehengas. You can even go for lace detailing in salwar kameez but always remember the mantra that more often than not less is always more in lace.

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