7 Essential Oils to Reduce Cellulite

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Considerably, a lot of women face cellulite issue at some point in their lives. Cellulite is a condition when the underlying fat starts pushing themselves through the layer of collagen fibres. I too have cellulite, but somehow, they do not bother me. But, if there is an effortless way to tackle this issue then, it is always welcomed. One of the best ways to treat cellulite is using essential oils in your skin care routine. Essential oils have become a vital part of our skin care regimen, and there are a few essential oils that help in treating and reducing the cellulite in your body at a faster rate than others. So, let’s read further to know about them.

7 Essential Oils to Reduce Cellulite

Before we proceed, you must be thinking about how essential oils will work in treating your cellulite problem. Essential oils have the capability to penetrate deep into the skin and detoxify the body as well. They help in boosting the oxygen circulation in the body and speeds up the metabolism and fat burning capabilities. This helps the body to get rid of the cellulite on its own. Not to mention, the essential oils used in aromatherapy can do wonders to your body. However, essential oils are extremely potent so, they must be diluted with a carrier oil to use them safely on your skin. Nevertheless, using a natural way takes some time to show results, but you have to be patient and religious to notice visible changes. However, only the use of essential oil cannot make the difference as you will have to make some positive changes in your lifestyle too. So, let’s get started.

1. Cypress essential oil:

Cypress essential oil is quite powerful in treating the cellulite. It has strong astringent properties and eliminates the toxins as well. These properties of cypress essential oil help in improving the blood circulation. It also reduces the water retention in the body and flushes out the toxins, which in turn leads to the reduction of cellulite in the body. Aside from this, cypress oil relaxes your mind and body too. Cypress essential oil is quite potent, and thus, make sure to dilute it with a carrier oil before using it on the skin.

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2. Geranium essential oil:

You can find geranium essential oil in many of the anti-cellulite creams available in the market. It is because of the toning capabilities of the geranium essential oil. It enhances and stimulates the lymphatic system that eliminates the toxins out of the body and reduces the water retention. When you use geranium essential oil for your cellulite, it effectively treats them and tones up the body as well.

3. Grapefruit essential oil:

Grapefruit is a rich source of vitamin c that reduces the obesity and treats the cellulite as well. Grapefruit essential oil bears a huge list of benefits for our skin and body. It detoxifies the body and reduces the cellulite. Also, the use of grapefruit essential oil ensures the prevention of cellulite formation in the body as well. Aside from using grapefruit essential oil for treating the cellulite, one can consume it too.

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4. Cinnamon essential oil:

The use of cinnamon is not limited to fighting with scars and other skin discoloration. It can be used to treat the cellulite as well. Cinnamon essential oil enhances the blood circulation by reinforcing the connective tissues that eliminate toxins from the body. Also, the regular usage of cinnamon essential oil ensures the prevention of cellulite. Aside from using cinnamon in the form of essential oil, you can sip some cinnamon tea as well.

5. Juniper essential oil:

Juniper essential oil is popularly known for its detoxifying and cleansing properties. It is rich in polyphenol and flavonoid antioxidants that ensure a healthy looking skin. It works well in combating the acne issues too. Juniper essential oil has potassium, zinc and calcium that can break the cellulite fat easily. Juniper essential oil has diuretic properties that prevent the fluid retention in the body and detoxify it. It boosts the blood circulation and reduces the cellulite.

6. Rosemary essential oil:

Rosemary essential oil is quite popular as it has a huge list of beauty benefits. Rosemary essential oil stimulates the lymphatic system and reduces the possibility of fluid retention in the body. Aside from this, it eliminates the toxins from the body tissues. Also, rosemary oil has the tendency to tone and firm up the skin. It reduces and prevents the cellulite formation in your body.

7 Essential Oils to Reduce Cellulite1

7. Lemon grass essential oil:

Lemongrass essential oil has a beautiful citrus smell, which I absolutely love. It offers a great list of benefits to the skin and body. It is a stimulant and is rich in astringent properties as well. The use of lemongrass essential oil enhances the lymphatic drainage and ensures no fluid retention. It can also boost the oxygen circulation to reduce the cellulite. Aside from using it as an essential oil, you can also sip some lemongrass tea as well.

7 Essential Oils to Reduce Cellulite2

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