7 Essential Tips You Need to Know for Celebrity-Like Eyebrows

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These are the times of on-fleek makeup. Whether it’s balayage hair or mirror nails – we see perfection, innovation and creativity everywhere. Eyebrows have also been a part of this revolution and they are being groomed better than ever. That is why today our faces look better framed and pleasingly symmetrical. There is a whole bunch of products just meant for your brows, ranging from brow pomades to setting mousse. Today’s article has some tips from experts which will help you in achieving celeb-like perfect brows in no time. Okay, in some time for sure! 😛

7 Essential Tips You Need to Know for Celebrity-Like Eyebrows

1. Go for a brow rehab

Nothing too fancy, girls. Just let your brows grow naturally. Refrain from threading, plucking, applying stubborn pigments etc. Give your brows the nourishment of oils rich in Vitamin E. See how much hair actually grows and let them be for some time. Plucking the extremely stray hairs is allowed but, for naturally fuller brows, stay honest during this brow rehab period.

2. Pick up the right tinted brow gel

tinted eyebrow gel for celeb like eyebrows

A tinted brow gel works better than a transparent one. It is a boon when you are not in the mood to devote yourself 100% to drawing those real brow hairs like strokes. However, choosing the right shade is very important. According to experts, dark haired people should go one or two shades lighter than the color of the hair on their head and light haired people can go two shades darker than the color of hair on their head.

3. Find your celeb doppelganger

Celebrity eyebrow inspiration

This might seem funny but, in order to get a nice brow shape idea to frame your face, you must find your celeb doppelganger. The celeb whose face shape is very much similar to your’s can make your work simpler. For example, if you have a heart-shaped face like Deepika Padukone, you may want to try her kind of fuller and dramatic brows. Your dream eyebrows are just a little Google search away. So find that one celeb and get started!

4. Go for eyebrow pencils

maybelliner grey eye pencil

Instead of deeply pigmented pomades, which are definitely harder to work with, go for a brow pencil. They give better control and the pigmentation is also buildable.

5. Brush upwards

To make eyes look young and not droopy always brush upwards. Style your arches with a brow brush or a spoolie, combing hairs upward just from where the arch of your brow starts till the end of your brow hairs.

6. Say no to super thin centipede brows

best celeb eyebrow makeover

Thin eyebrows might look nice on their own, but they do nothing for your face. There are very rare faces on which super thin eyebrows look okay. The majority needs fuller or at least not the ‘over-plucked’ eyebrows to have the youthful look.

7. Draw before you tweeze

outlining the eyebrow

To save your beautiful brows from the curse of over-plucking or tweezing, heavily draw the final shape you want using your brow pencil or an angled brush. Use it as a guide and then pluck stray or unwanted hairs. Also, after this step, brush all the hairs and the trim extras.

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