7 Essentials to Consider before Getting Bangs

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From time to time we get bored of our look and want to try something different. If we are not careful, we may end up with a disaster. I, for one, easily get bored with my looks and want to try something different from time to time. At one of these instances, I decided to get bangs; my friend actually thought it would look nice. It ended up being a disaster. So here are a few things you should consider before getting bangs.

7 Essentials to Consider before Getting Bangs

1. Lifestyle

jessica alba bangs hairstyle

First things first, bangs are high-maintenance. Bangs get easily affected by humidity and dust and dirt – basically everything. Plus, to style it, you need time! So you need to be hundred percent committed about waking up early, and be willing to put your time and effort. Bangs grow out really fast. So there is a recurring need to visit the salon. It not only requires a lot of time but also ends up being heavy on your pocket. I never got my bangs trimmed; I slowly let it grow into side swept bangs. Those were the best looking side swept bangs I’ve ever had. You may be tempted to trim your bangs, but don’t. You might end up spoiling the ends of your hair. It requires special techniques to get the desired look.

2. The kind of bangs

Once you are set on bangs, deciding the kind of bangs is important. If you have thick hair, blunt and heavy bangs are your kind (the Zooey Deschanel bangs)! You can also opt for choppy bangs, but those are a little difficult to style. Then you have side swept bangs which are low maintenance and easy to grow out. I usually keep side swept bangs, but the Zooey Deschanel bangs looked disastrous on me.

3. Hair texture

celeb bangs hairstyle

Every hair texture has its own problems. The best solution is to refer to cuts and shapes that are meant for your hair texture. You can take celebrity reference for this. For this, you can also take tips from your stylist as they might a lot of experience and may offer you a great solution.

4. Face shape

Face shape is always an important factor before you get a haircut. If you have a square or a round face, avoid heavy bangs. Instead, opt for lighter side swept bangs. For this also, use celebrity references.

5. Change your makeup game

kendall jenner bangs hairstyle

To apply makeup, you’ll have to clip your bangs completely as getting any product on your hair will become a messy affair. Also, if you have heavy bangs, heavy eye makeup can give you a clashing look. To avoid that, pick colours that complement your hair color rather than going for colors that match your hair.

6. Oily bangs

Your bangs will get oily really fast. So either you wash your hair partly or use dry shampoo. There is no other option. Plus, the really annoying part with bangs would be at the gym. Your bangs would stick together because of sweat and give a weird look. I usually clipped them up during my workout.

7. Limited hairstyles

Priyanka chopra bangs

You have to accept that there are limited hairstyles with bangs. You have to use a lot of hair products if the hairstyle you want does not work with bangs. Keep a straightening iron handy, they become your best friend. If you do not wish to use an iron every time, you can use a brush and air dry it. 🙂

There may be many factors telling you why not to get bangs, but if you really want them, get them; the heart wants what it wants, afterall. 😉 Find a way to make this style statement work for you. Every hair is different, what works for someone else may not work for you or vice-versa. So be careful but enjoy your bangs. 🙂

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