7 Ethnic Wear Mistakes That Are Making You Look Shorter

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Indian traditional wear is high on drama and bling factor. The clothes have sometimes so much going on with them which can make you look shorter and bulkier. Let’s find out some traditional wear mistakes that are making you look shorter.

7 Ethnic Wear Mistakes That Are Making You Look Shorter

1. Not wearing the right fit

If you are not wearing the correct size then chances are it will make you look fat and short in comparison no matter what kind of clothes you are wearing. Even if you are going for a loose-fitted silhouette then at least make attempts to balance it proportionally.

2. The wrong trouser length

short trousers
Cropped pants are in vogue right now but the pants that cut above your ankle will make you look shorter and not at all slender. So if you are wearing the pants or trousers that cut at the right parts and you are pairing them with heels then you will be good to go.

3. Too many prints

Choose to for abstract prints, stripes or vertical prints and avoid bulky prints as they make you feel like your outfit is all over the place, which disrupts the silhouette and makes you look shorter.

4. Length of the kurti

short kurti
The length of your kurti plays a great role in giving the impression of height. Short kurtis that end at the knee will make you look shorter while long uninterrupted silhouettes give the illusion of taller, longer frame.

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5. Draping your dupatta the wrong way

If you are particularly conscious about your height then keep a check on how you are wearing your dupatta. Drape your dupatta vertically in vertical direction and don’t wrap it around you like a shawl to avoid looking shorter.

6. Wearing the wrong hemline

asymmetrical hemline
Asymmetrical hemlines and hemlines that cut at the knee will make you look shorter. When you are going for suits or kurtis, make sure you get them in slightly longer lengths which will elongate your body and will make you look tall and slender.

7. Pulling ALL the attention down

Traditional lehengas are embellished and draw all the attention downwards on the body which makes you look shorter. Try pairing the lehengas with short cholis that end just at your bust line and wear your dupatta like a saree pallu. Drawing attention to your neckline will automatically guide the eye to the top, creating an illusion of height.

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