7 Exciting Ways of Wearing Glitter Makeup

By Srijita Poddar

Hi my lovely ladies,

How are you all doing? The festive and the party season are soon approaching and we all need to take our makeup game a notch higher now. The latest runway trend that we all have been crushing over for a while now is the glitter makeup trend which can make you the ultra-glam diva of the night. However, this trend can be a little tricky to pull off as overdoing it will give a very loud and over-the-top impression. So here are the interesting ways in which you can add glitter in your makeup.

7 Exciting Ways of Wearing Glitter Makeup

Glam it up with glitter eyeshadow


The greatest way to accentuate your look would by using the glitter to brighten up those eyes. Since glitter makeup is so in trend right now, you can actually pick up any shade of your choice. Metallic colours like silver, bronze and gold always happen to stand out whereas you can look sexy with those blue or glitter aquamarine eyes. Pair it up with some false eyelashes and a winged liner, and you are ready to rock that party in perfection.

Make black smokey eyes sexier with glitter

black smokey eyes with golden glitter

Smokey eye has been one makeup trend that never goes out of fashion. However, since it’s been here and been done to the death, it is about time we took the smoky eye game a notch higher by playing around with glitter on those lids. Keep the rest of the face simplistic and pair it with a great LBD and a clutch, and you can be rest assured that you will make quite a few heads turn.

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The minimalist glitter

glitter on eye makeup

If overboard isn’t your style then all you need to do is concentrate the glitter on the centre of the eyelids, just like Kendall Jenner suggests. Use muted neutral colours and glitter with smaller amorphous particles to keep it understated yet extremely stylish. Blend the glitter with the rest of your soft nude eyeshadow and you have the minimalist glitter trend on point.

⦁ The glitter liner

Glitter Makeup eyes

If you feel that your eyelids are too large a space to experiment with then you can add glitter in the form of pencil or liquid liners. You get glitter liners in all the colours like blue, black, metallic and pops. Line it on your upper lash line for a muted effect but if you are in the mood for something bold then don’t forget to line your lower lash line with glitter liner as well.

⦁ Put some glitter on those lashes

glitter mascara

Remember when as a child all you wanted was a bit of fairy glitter to make your life magical? Well, now you can do it by using glitter mascaras. An experimental makeup trend that has been catching up on the runway is mascara dipped in glitter. It is a perfect way to add glamour to a nude look without breaking the uniformity.

Glitter nails

golden glitter nails

The perfect way to add glitter to your everyday outfit is by wearing glitter nails. Big particles of glitter or simplistic metallic nail paints, adding glitter to your nails can make even a jeans, tee combo ultra-glam. So especially for teens who are not fully into the world of makeup, glitter nails would be an interesting way for you to embrace this trend.

⦁ Kiss of glitter

Glitter makeup lips

This last idea is only for those of you who are very experimental when it comes to makeup. The trend I’m talking about is the glitter lips trend. Glossy or matte, lipstick or lip gloss, you can add that glitter as part of your ombre lips and stun the same way runway models do.

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