7 Eyelash Rules Every Woman Must Swear By

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Today, I have listed down the different eyelash rules every woman must follow. The skin around your eyes and your eyelashes are very delicate and you get to see the first signs of ageing in the form of dark circles, wrinkles, eyelash fallouts and fine lines. They make you look dull and tired. Hence, it’s very important to care of your eyelashes as they are more prone to damage. In order to keep your eyelashes healthy, here are some rules to take care of them.

7 Eyelash Rules Every Woman Must Swear By6

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1. Take Supplements Daily:

In order to stimulate your eyelash growth, consume biotin or collagen supplements every day. Biotin supplements help in the production of keratin which reverses the signs of hair loss in a person. Biotin supplements are found in pill/tablets whereas the collagen supplements are found in liquid form. Collagen supplements help to give you healthier and thicker looking eyelashes, both which are hydrating. If you don’t prefer consuming supplements, you can start consuming fish, yoghurt, soy etc which are rich in biotin, collagen and proteins.

7 Eyelash Rules Every Woman Must Swear By4

2. Use an Eyelash Enhancing Serum:

The craze of using eyelash serum has already started and we are no more a stranger to this. Using eyelash enhancing serum can help to boost the growth of eyelashes and also make them appear thicker and healthy. You should include using the serum on a daily basis especially, before applying makeup. Apply eye serum after cleansing your face and then massage it for few seconds. Avoid applying lashes in the eye or the lower lid as it may directly come in contact with the eye.

7 Eyelash Rules Every Woman Must Swear By2

3. Moisturise Them:

Moisturising your eyelashes is every important as it helps to give you healthier and thicker looking eyelashes. If you often suffer from eyelash fall outs, it is important to moisturise them on a daily basis so that they are not prone to fallouts. You can also moisture your lashes on a daily basis with the help of castor oil, coconut oil or olive oil. You can also use a mixture of these two oils and store it in an empty mascara bottle.

7 Eyelash Rules Every Woman Must Swear By3

4. Remove Eye Makeup Properly:

This is obvious because sleeping with makeup is a big no-no. You should avoid sleeping with makeup at night especially if you have applied waterproof makeup. You should always wipe off the makeup and remove it gently. Use a mild cleanser or toner around the eye area so that it does not harm the delicate skin surrounding the eye.

7 Eyelash Rules Every Woman Must Swear By5

5. Avoid Rubbing Aggressively and Be Gentle:

You should not rub your eyelashes aggressively. You should also avoid using an eyelash curler, frequently as it may lead to frequent breakouts and fall out of lashes. If you feel itchy around the eye or on the lashes, wash and clear the area with the help of your cleanser.

7 Eyelash Rules Every Woman Must Swear By1

6. Use Mascara with Care:

One important rule which you should always remember is to change your mascara every three months, even if it is in the solid form. Changing your mascara frequently will avoid transmission of bacteria into the eyes thus, preventing the accumulation of bacteria. And whenever you apply a mascara, you should apply from the tips of your eyelashes and avoid covering the roots.

7 Eyelash Rules Every Woman Must Swear By8

7. Avoid using Extensions:

Repeated usage of eyelash extensions or false lashes can affect the health of your eyelashes and can make them weak. Using harsh glues can result in ripping of eyelashes thus, creating damage to the follicles. Also, there are chances that your liquid eyeliner may react with the glue. Some lash glues contain ingredients such as latex or formaldehyde which can result in eyelash fall outs. It is always better to keep them natural and prevent the usage of extensions on a regular basis.

7 Eyelash Rules Every Woman Must Swear By7

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