7 Fantastic Makeup Tips For Job Interviews

7 Fantastic Makeup Tips For Job Interviews


There’s an interesting quote I came across once that I absolutely love – “Dress and groom yourself for the job that you want, and not the one you have.” Power dressing and flawless makeup always goes a long way in making you look well put-together and prepared to face any challenge.  A job interview can be stressful, but the right kind of preparation is as important as the right kind of makeup. Here are some helpful tips so that you ace that interview next time, by being both articulate and well-groomed!

1. Less is more: While it’s good to wear makeup to look like you believe in taking care of yourself and being groomed, remember that it should not take all the attention. In this case, less is always more. Seems contradictory, but think about it – if you apply pancake foundation and wear loud lipstick, that will be the most distracting factor for your interviewer and can make you look tacky. Use eyeliner subtly, add a light coat of mascara to open up the eyes and give a soft foundation base with some understated blush, just a hint. This will brighten up your face without being distracting.

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2. Keep it soft: When it comes to lip colour, use softer shades like peach, nude, light pink and so on, or even just clear gloss. It’s best to leave the fiery reds and purples for after-hours. Subtle is good, and shows that you made an effort but you didn’t overdo it.  Save the red lipstick on the right for a night out or a party! The soft nude shade on the left is perfect for interviews.

Peach Lipsticks

3. Say no to bronzer:  Bronzer is something that should be left to Saturday nights – bronzer tends to work for a more dramatic look and trust me, dramatic is the last thing you should look like when attending an interview! Create a softer look for your face by using a hint of blush subtly on your cheekbones.

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4. Avoid glitter and shine: You don’t want to seem too “fabulous” or high maintenance, so steer clear of glittery eyeshadow, gloss or lipstick. Stick to matte or single shades that keep it no-nonsense, yet well-presented.

5. Mascara goes a long way: Invest in a good quality mascara. It need not be from a high-end brand – what matters is that it suits your needs and doesn’t get clumpy or streaky.  After all, you may end up not noticing that you have panda eyes during your interview in case it runs or streaks and that isn’t a pretty sight.

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6. Get rid of oil: If you are nervous and tend to sweat, especially in front of bright lights like the ones in corporate meeting/interview rooms, it’s best to carry some wet wipes or blotting sheets and blot your face well before the interview. Also, use the right foundation that doesn’t make your skin’s oils come out on the surface of your skin.


7. Soft shades: Use lighter, more neutral and soft shades of makeup to keep it natural yet give a lovely flawless look. Use light pinks, nudes, beiges and peach colours in your eyeshadow and blush, and use less of eyeliner to create a natural makeup look.


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