7 Faux Ways to Make Bust Look Bigger

Every woman desires a perfect body. Many a times, the overall look of the outfit gets toned down because of smaller breasts. Also, at times, you need fuller breasts to wear a certain top or a certain outfit demands a bigger size. While there are surgeries that can make your bust size look bigger, aren’t natural ways the best? Read on to find out how easily and naturally you can fake bigger- looking bust!

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1. Contouring

cleavage contouring

This is one thing that so many people swear by to make their breasts look bigger. Contouring helps to enhance your cleavage by usage of makeup. What you need to do is form arcs around your breasts with a darker shade than your skintone (contouring) and apply shimmer in the insides (highlighting) to make the breasts appear more rounder and fuller.

2. Bras

This is one of the most convenient ways to make breasts look perkier and bigger. There are so many bras available these days to do the purpose. Push-up bras basically lift the breasts by adding support from beneath which raises the breasts. As padded bras contain foam all over the cup, they make the overall appearance of your breasts look bigger. Nowadays, liquid and gel bras are available too which are also forms of padded bras, but have a more natural effect.

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3. Neckline Work

small bust dress

Any work at the neckline of your dress attracts attention towards the breasts making them look bigger. It can be anything right from laces, rhinestones, beads, etc. Such detailed work at your neckline gives an illusion of bigger breasts by enhancing the appearance of the breasts.

4. Horizontal Stripes

As we all know, stripes so effectively transform the way our body looks. Horizontal stripes trick an illusion of bigger-looking breasts. For this, one can choose or design dresses that have more dense stripes towards the waist while as distant stripes at the yolk of the dress. This will give an appearance of bigger breasts and a slimmer waist.

5. Right Posture

right posture

This is the most easiest and inexpensive trick to fake bigger looking breasts. Keeping the posture straight, one can make their breasts look more perkier and bigger. Also, many a times, it happens that people naturally have big breasts but by dropping their shoulders or having a bad posture, they make their breasts appear smaller and shapeless. Thus, it is important that you stand or sit straight.

6. Slim Down the Waist

The appearance of your breasts greatly depends on the appearance of the whole body. A slimmer waist gives an illusion of bigger looking breasts. It should be taken care that to slim down the waist, the exercises should focus just on the waist and do not reduce the fats of your breasts. Exercises such as crunches, yoga, sit-ups and pilates should be performed on a regular basis.

7. Avoid Tight Clothes

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Clothes that are tight around the breasts further push them inside and make them look smaller. Tight tube tops or tight dresses around the breasts will suppress the appearance of the
breasts, over-powering their natural shape. Wearing clothes that fit rightly will enhance the look of the breasts.

Other things to keep in mind – keep away from oils or creams claiming to enhance the shape of your breasts as they are all a sham. Do not fall prey to the botox surgeries as they are unsafe, and most importantly embrace your body. Smaller breasts do not mean a bad figure. Love yourself the way you are!

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