7 Foods You Must Avoid to Prevent Tooth Discoloration and Stains

I am here today to talk about our lovely smile and teeth. We have such amazing taste buds that we cannot really quit chocolates or late night cup of coffee. But, did you know that these things are staining your teeth? Many of us have teeth problems like cavities, sensitivity etc but we don’t really take things seriously until our physical appearance is getting affected. So I suggest you stay away from these foods so that you get a perfect white smile.
7 Foods You Must Avoid to Prevent Tooth Discoloration and Stains

1. Black coffee

Many girls love to have black coffee at least twice a day. But did you know that your favorite black coffee’s staining your teeth and your appearance badly? Not only the dark color of your coffee is staining your teeth but is dehydrating the mouth too. Due to dehydration in mouth, lesser saliva is produced which is not enough to keep your teeth clean.

2. Cookies and Crackers

The refined carbs, which are found in cookies, crackers etc, are also a big reason behind your stained teeth. These processed foods have a lot of sugar content in them and if they are left in your mouth for long, they gift you cavities and stained, yellow-looking teeth. The foods which have yellow or orange hint of color to them stain your teeth the most.

3. Pickles

Having vinegar dressed salad is a common thing. Did you know this vinegar dressing and vinegar products like pickles are destroying your teeth? Pickles are mostly made with vinegar which is highly acidic. You can use lemon at times to satisfy your taste buds but avoid using vinegar and vinegar products directly. Even if you do, make sure you brush your teeth immediately after your meal.

4. Red Wine

red wine
Wine is said to improve our digestion. It also offers many other health benefits. It is ok to have it occasionally but its intense color wears off the tooth enamel resulting in staining of your teeth just like black coffee. Although it is beneficial but not always. The sediments found in red wine are known to have the fastest staining power when it comes to your teeth.

5. Blueberries

Well, this antioxidant rich fruit tastes amazing. So you might be thinking how can I stop you from having blueberries? I am not stopping you, but you need to control your intake. The dark blue hue of blueberries is not good for your teeth. So, instead, you can make a blueberry smoothie using yoghurt rather than having the fruit directly.

6. Beetroot

Beetroots are known to have an amazing impact on your blood. But I would like to make you guys aware about the staining power of this vegetable. You don’t need to stop yourself completely but make sure you rinse or wash your mouth immediately after having beets.

7. Sauces and Curries

soya sauce
You might already be aware of the harm these sausages can cause. Limit the use of these sausages and you can greatly notice the difference in your dental health. Studies have shown that these sausages are also responsible for bad breath. The same goes for curries with artificial color and too much spices.

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