7 Habits to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Happy All Year Long

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No matter how much effort you take in choosing the right set of clothes, makeup and skin care products, if your hair is not having a soft and smoother look, it can ruin the whole game. Everyone wants to flaunt healthy hair, and we do a bunch of things to improve the look of our hair. But, to be honest, you actually don’t need a lot of products or treatments to flaunt beautiful hair, instead just follow these seven habits listed below.

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1. Always use heat protectant:

Exposing your hair to high temperatures can damage them and can increase your hairfall as well. It further leads to the weakening of hair, making them brittle and prone to breakage. If you cannot restrain yourself from using heat styling tools over your hair, then never forget to use a heat protectant spray or at least use a product that provides heat protection. This way, your hair will be protected from the heat, while being safe throughout the styling process.

7 Habits to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Happy All Year Long6

2. Use a hair mask regularly:

As excessive heat can take a toll on your hair, it’s time to give your mane some TLC. When your hair is exposed to the harsh sun rays, it undergoes several damages, and its beauty gets disrupted. To make sure your hair is healthy, use a hair mask on a regular basis. Choose a hair mask that suits your hair type and conditions, so that your hair reaps maximum benefits from it. It will make your hair healthy and boost the growth as well.

7 Habits to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Happy All Year Long1

3. Indulge your hair in dry oil:

Dry oil can provide a nice and subtle glossy sheen to your hair without making it oily or heavy. You can always prep your hair with a dry oil before styling. If you have dry and frayed ends, but not a fan of having oily texture or greasy residue, then you must opt for dry oil. You can liberally use the dry oil over your dry ends. It will make them softer and glossier. Plus, it will add a nice sheen to your ponytail or bun or any other hairstyle.

4. Never tie a tight ponytail:

When you keep tying a tight ponytail, that too over the same place, again and again, it can weaken the hair structure around that area. To prevent the weakening of your hair and maintaining its health, loosen your ponytail a little. It will help in improving the receding hair line, if any, and hair structure. Do keep changing your hairstyles as well. While changing the hairstyle can perk up your mood, it also keeps your hair healthy and happy all year long.

7 Habits to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Happy All Year Long5

5. Give a tea rinse once in a while:

Giving a tea rinse once in a while to your lustreless, dull and dry hair can bring back its charm. Tea rinses provide a whole lot of nourishment and moisturization to your hair and hair follicles. It keeps them healthy and promotes the growth of healthy hair. Aside from making your hair healthy, tea rinses can efficiently treat several scalp conditions, too. You can use black tea, chamomile tea, green tea, jasmine tea or any other tea according to your choice and need. Tea rinses will refresh your hair and mood as well.

7. Go easy on knots:

Never attempt to operate on the knots reluctantly, it can harm your hair badly. If you do so, it makes your hair breakage-prone and brittle, while making them frizzy and dry. It can also damage the hair structure that could lead to hair loss or hair breakage or split ends. Always go easy on the knots and if needed, use a detangling product.

8. Sleep on a silk pillow:

Using a silk pillow cover facilitates less friction. The smooth surface of the pillow cover helps in reducing the breakage thereby, preventing the occurrence of split ends. Silk retains the moisture of your hair while making them look gorgeous the next morning. Unlike cotton covers, you will notice less hair breakage while using a silk pillow cover.

Celeb-Inspired Tips:

7 Habits to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Happy All Year Long

We all are very much aware of Diana Penty’s long, luscious hair. It’s one of her identity. Her secret for naturally straight hair is a simple hair care routine. Though she doesn’t experiment much with hairstyles/hair care products, she makes sure to use a hair mask thrice in a week. So, in order to flaunt healthy and voluminous hair, inculcate these simple yet effective hair care habits in your beauty routine 🙂

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