7 Hairstyles That Will Make You Look 10 Years Younger

We truly believe in the power of hairstyles. They have the ability to make or break your entire look, and completely transform your persona. And that’s why, it’s important to change hairstyles with age, as you can trim off the years from your face simply by getting a new hairstyle. In this post, we are going to share top 7 hairstyles that will make you look 10 years younger.

young hairstyles

1. Soft Bangs

Soft bangs are timeless. They frame your forehead and give a demure youthful look to your face. If you feel you want a sophisticated yet stylish look, soft bangs are the ones to try. They immediately hide signs of age, especially if you have a forehead that shows signs of age.

2. Beach Waves

Have you ever wondered why most Hollywood stars opt for this style when they are on the wrong side of 40s? Simply because, they look cool and sultry and make you look young and energetic. Also, they can be worn a little messy, so added bonus if you like to be low maintenance.

3. Romantic Waves

If you want to look prim and proper for your date night, stick to the fan favorite hairstyle- a classic romantic wavy style. It gives volume to face and gives you such a quick makeover! If you have naturally wavy and curly hair, skip the hot tools, add some conditioning products and let your hair speak.

young hairstyle 2

4. Messy Braids

Who doesn’t love a messy braid? If you want to look younger, try this hairstyle. Not only does this look super chic, it is a great solution for bad hair days. Plus, this cult college hairstyle is universal- it does make you look bomb and stylish!

5. Pixie Cut

I would love to be a cool grandma with a badass pixie cut! It is so stunning, you can add highlights to it and look drop dead gorgeous while you are ageing like fine wine. It immediately chops off years and gives a ‘I am the boss’ vibe!

young hairstyle 3

6. Choppy Layers

If you have had long straight hair for a while now, it’s time to see the hairstylist. Try a choppy layered look and throw in a few highlights if your stylist suggests. You will be surprised how young you look and feel. The layers can add definition to your face and bring volume and body to otherwise limp strands.

7. Bob Cut

A bob haircut is a great way to enhance your features and look powerful and pretty. Your hairstylist can recommend a short or long bob depending on your facial features. They are incredibly easy to maintain and do not need high maintenance.

Last but not the least, try to avoid wearing a perfectly centered parting. It looks unnatural and adds age to your face, especially if you have straight hair. Instead have a parting slightly away from the center, and let it be natural. Tease a little hair with a rat tail comb to add some volume. This will prevent your hair from looking flat and gives you a perfect daily hairstyle.

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