7 Health Symptoms No Woman Should Ignore

Glowing skin and shiny tresses are the reflections of a healthy body and a happy mind. Our outer beauty is a glimpse of our health, and to have a sound healthy system, every woman needs to take care of herself. Here are 7 symptoms you should never brush aside as they might hold the key to many diseases. In this post, I will tell you some common health symptoms most women face some time or the other. But, if you get them on the regular, then you should be concerned.

7 Health Symptoms No Woman Should Ignore

1. Extreme Fatigue

young woman looking tired in bed

Not the tiredness after a particularly hectic day. But if you feel exhausted and fatigued even after minimal exertion, it’s time to visit the doctor. A number of diseases like thyroid, diabetes or even depression might lie at the root of such chronic fatigue.

2. Abdominal Pain

We don’t make a big deal of our tummy aches. However, intense pain, sharp jabbing pain, pain at any one side might be signals of stomach ulcers, appendicitis or gallbladder issues. Instead of ignoring abdominal discomfort for gas troubles, every woman should pay heed to these.

3. Chest Pain

heart issues woman

A chest pain is a red flag and you can risk your life by not taking prompt action. Coronary diseases, heart attacks can be life threatening and it’s advisable to get expert help soon.

4. Palpitations

Often triggered by extreme emotions like nervousness or anxiety, they could often be the warning signals of insufficient blood oxygen or hyperthyroidism. Your palpitations might be telling you something, consult a doctor.

5. Intense Headaches

headache in women

Persistent painful headaches might be symptoms of stroke, brain tumors, infection and such. So if you headache lasts more than a couple of days, and the pain is too much to handle, do get a thorough check up.

6. Breast Lumps

Every woman should self-examine her breasts every month. Any lump or abnormal growth should be immediately checked by a doctor. Other than breast cancer, benign tumors and cysts might occur, and it’s essential to get prompt assistance as it might be serious.

7. Shortness of Breath

shortness of breath

While occasionally we all tend to feel breathless, if minor work and chores make you feel short of breath and dizzy, it might be serious. You might fall prey to heart attack or have latent cardiovascular diseases. Do not ignore it at any cost.

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