7 Hottest Fall/Winter 2015 Shoe Trends

The festive season is not yet over, but winter is already knocking at our doors. I don’t remember when was the light time I lighted a diya wearing sweater. The weather transition is visible in our clothes, makeup and shoes. It’s time to hide the summer stuff somewhere in the corner to give way to the winter wear. This transition is felt especially by those who live under harsh cold climatic conditions.

7 Hottest FallWinter 2015 Shoe Trends5

Climate definitely dominates our fashion statement. To keep oneself warm and yet look stylish is a task in itself. Shoes and jackets are the key players of our looks in winter. Therefore, today’s post is to update you about the hottest shoes trends that are going to dominate the fashion scene this fall and winter. Without any further delay, let’s get started!

1) Thigh High Boots

7 Hottest FallWinter 2015 Shoe Trends6

If your part of the world is blessed with cold and snow, then thigh high boots are must for this season. Thigh high boots look so sexy and go well with almost every western outfit. They also make your regular outfits look super stylish. Currently, I am obsessed with my brown thigh high boots which I love pairing especially with short skirts or dresses over tights. Thigh high boots come in various colors. If you opt for bright colors, try to wear light colored outfits to let your boots do all the talking. Also, you may pair your boots with oversized long coat to look classy and stylish.

2) Fuzzy Shoes

7 Hottest FallWinter 2015 Shoe Trends7

Fuzzy shoes or furry shoes, as they are called sometimes, were everywhere in the international fashion shows this year. You will find these fur-detailed shoes in Gucci, Ferragamo and Fendi. This is an expensive trend and fashion experts are not sure of its presence next year. Go for this if you’re a fashion risk taker and are in mood to experiment.

3) Pointed Ballerinas Flats

7 Hottest FallWinter 2015 Shoe Trends4

Personally I feel that you need to have certain foot shape to make it look good. For example, a pair of pointed ballerinas don’t seem to synchronize well with my foot shape. It looks good on those with long and thin foot. Pointed ballerinas are wearable and comfortable options for those living in mildly cold winter like Kolkata, Chennai or Bengaluru.

4) Chelsea Boots

7 Hottest FallWinter 2015 Shoe Trends2

I think I wouldn’t be wrong if I call Chelsea boots younger sister of thigh high boots. Chelsea boots are boon for those who don’t feel brave enough to wear thigh high boots. Other than pants, you can pair your Chelsea boots with your maxi dresses or long skirts this winter.

5) Lace Ups

7 Hottest FallWinter 2015 Shoe Trends3

Lace-up boots and sandals are another bold and sexy footwear options this winter. Lace-up boots are available in various length and styles, among which Victorian style and knee high lace-up boots are most popular. Tying too many laces can be time consuming at times and might not look good at workplace.

6) Mannish Shoes

7 Hottest FallWinter 2015 Shoe Trends1

Though we, women, have many fashion options of our own, it is always fun to copy from men as well. After copying their trousers and formal shirts, it’s time to take their unique shoe styles. Wear mannish shoes aka oxford shoes with a dress or cigarette pants to look not so manly this winter.

7) Quirky Heels

7 Hottest FallWinter 2015 Shoe Trends

If you’re a heel lover, these quirky heels are for you this season. Dance the night away in these quirky heels this winter. but girls please do not sprain your ankles! 😀

What is your opinion about 2015’s shoe trends? Which ones will you be wearing, or trying out for the first time this season? Do let us know in the comments below!

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