7 Important Makeup Tips for Hot and Humid Weather

By Drishti Kumar

Hello ladies,

Today I am back with an article about the tips and tricks you all must know while applying makeup in hot and humid weather. So let’s get started with it.

Start with a good solid base

Just because it is summer and your skin is already oily does NOT mean you will skip moisturisation. If you worry that your skin will get too oily with a moisturiser throughout the day, use a light tea-tree based face lotion. It will give your face adequate moisturisation and prevent shine and excess oil from being produced. After that, choose an oil-free foundation for your face and apply with a wet sponge, stippling brush or foundation brush. Do not forget to seal your makeup base with a good face powder or compact.

Invest in a waterproof primer

You won’t regret the time you invest in applying primer to your face prior makeup because it will save you the time you use in touch-ups throughout the day. Also, a good primer will keep the shine off your face all day long and make your pores look smaller and less prominent while also smoothing out any minor fine lines and wrinkles.

Choose light colours and avoid layering

Choosing light blush shades and eyeshadow colours will make sure you do not grab any undue attention in the broad daylight. Also, apply lightweight products and avoid multi-layering them to avoid creasing, caking and settling of the products into the lines. If you can, skip the foundation altogether and use a little concealer wherever needed.

Go easy on bronzer

A little bronzer adds just the right amount of warmth to your skin and makes it look like you are glowing from within. But add too much of it in hot weather and you are sure to look like a huge Christmas tree ornament ball. When used correctly, a bronzer makes your eyes look livelier and teeth whiter. The key is to pick up a minimal product on a big fluffy powder or kabuki brush, pat off excess and gently sweep onto your cheekbones, jawline and forehead.

Say no to sparkle and shimmer

Dewy look is suitable for all seasons but only if it looks dewy and not like you just took a bath in oil and shimmer. To keep things in your favour, avoid lipsticks with chunky pieces of shimmer, blushes that are too sparkly and opt for matte finish eyeshadows instead of satin or glittery ones. Also, do not put on your strobe creams or luminous foundations in day time because it is a huge turn-off; humidity will make it extra shiny and you will end up looking like you have been sweating.

Less is more

When you are applying makeup in a hot and humid weather, it is okay if you do not put on your fake lashes and fill your brows to utter perfection. As the chances are, the more products you put on your faces, the more your pores will clog up, you will feel sweaty and slightly irritated as well. So, we suggest that you work up on your problematic areas, highlight one of your best features and leave the worries of looking like a supermodel from the Vogue magazine cover image at the back of your head.

Play up your lips

Add some quirky coral lipstick, candy-pink lip gloss or any other summery shade on your pout to add a magic to your look and make heads turn wherever you go.

That’s all for today, girlies! Hope you all liked it.

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