7 Important Things You Should Know Before Getting an Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extensions have been one of the craziest thing revolving in the market, which allows your eyes to look beautiful and appealing. If you are opting for eyelash extension, here are few things you should keep in mind. Make sure you read it till the end, after all, it is something related to your eye.


1. Semi-permanent eyelashes are different from temporary strip:


Semi-permanent eyelashes are something which is applied by an expert above your eyelash with the help of a glue. According to sources, eye lash extensions should be applied only by experts, who have an expert idea of more than 12 years in this area. These semi-permanent eyelashes can go up to six to eight months and can give you look like those of natural eyelash. They stay until they naturally start falling out of your eyelashes.

2. The longer the extension, the more the lashes:


Super long eyelashes look so good and sexy. Wearing long eyelashes can help to make your eye stand out of the crowd. However, if you are looking for a longer extension, make sure that you will require more amount of lashes.

3. After application:

After you get artificial eyelashes extension, you are not allowed to sweat, cry, swim or allow your eye to come in water. You should lay low for at least 11 – 12 hours after application of false eyelash extensions. The glue which is used to join the lashes sometimes dissolve and invade your eye and evaporates in response to the temperature of your body. If glue comes in contact with the eyes it may lead to eye irritation and burning sensation.

4. Extensions are super expensive:


If you dream to enjoy super long extensions, you can go for extensions which are available online. These extensions can be used 2-3 times according to your preference and thrown away. However, if you go for eyelash extensions, they are super expensive and extremely heavy in your pockets. The do’s and don’ts after getting fake eyelashes are too much. Other than this, the entire process may consume up to 2 hours.

5. Eye makeup:


When you get a false eyelash, it is very important to pick up doing the right kind of eye makeup according to the occasion and apparel. If not anything, it is compulsory to wear a broad eyeliner which will allow your eye to pop out instantly. To be honest, once you know those are false lashes on your eye you would be not be satisfied and contented like how you should be.

6. Difficulty:

When you have an occasion to attend, you are trying to get a dramatic look on your eye. But the unfortunate part of eyelash extension is, you will not find it easy to apply an eyeliner on your eye. The extra eyelashes on your eye, may block your way to apply flawless eyeliner. Other than this, removing eye makeup on your lashes and falsies can be really a tiresome process.

7. Eyelash extension can mess with your eye:

This is something serious you should take care about because falsies can mess with your eyes, leading to redness and itchiness on the eye. Many of them have discovered yellow discharge from the corner of the eye, which is due to the glue. In serious cases, consult the doctor.

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