7 Lazy Girl Hacks to Avoid Last-Minute Panic Attacks

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Today’s article is dedicated to all the lazy girls like me. We are the snooze-lovers, we procrastinate, and at times we don’t even hesitate in turning down a party invite because we are too lazy to book a salon appointment! We are the lazy girl brigade and we own this title with heads up like a boss, until or unless this laziness crash lands us on an island of panic. I bet any lazy beauty would panic if she gets to know that the invitation she just turned down was a golden chance of spending some quality time with her crush. Here are some lazy girl hacks that you are going to find very useful to avoid such panic attacks. Please keep reading to know more.
7 Lazy Girl Hacks to Avoid Last Minute Panic Attacks

1. Ready-to-Use Wax Strips

If going to a salon for waxing every other week irritates you then welcome to the lazy girls’ club! Now, how would you deal with a sudden movie date plan with those arms and legs? Ready-to-use wax strips are your best pal now. Shaving feels itchy and the results are also very short lived. Always keep these waxing strips handy to get rid of unwanted hair: anytime, anywhere (oh, that rhymed! LOL :P).

2. Air Dry T-shirts on Hangers

There are days when you are in a hurry, you attack your closet like a ninja and search for a cool t-shirt. BUT, all you find is wrinkled mess. You don’t have the time to iron them either. Girl, you need hangers. Air dry your t-shirts on hangers so they won’t look wrinkled and worn out. Avoid spin-drying them in the washing machine to avoid crumpled look.

3. Belly Shoes

belly shoes
When did you have your last pedicure? You don’t remember? Even I don’t! So, I have lots of ballerina flats. Wear them and forget about all the concerns you have for your un-pedicured feet. You can even skip nail paint while wearing these cute life-saving footwear. Get some basic color first like black, grey, and beige to begin with.

4. Spray Your Skin Care

Sprays are ultimate time savers! Facial mists, toners and some body lotions can be sprayed on, and in seconds you are ready to go for your makeup. Now there are spray foundations too in the market which help you in getting an even base in no time. That’s a blessing for all the lazy girls. Airbrush makeup at home, that too in just a few seconds!

5. Makeup Removing Wipes

Makeup Remover Wipes
You are traveling with friends. You were lazy enough to intentionally forget your makeup remover, face wash and face towel. You are trying to take a cute selfie and you realize that you have panda eyes and a melting face. So, the next time you must travel with makeup removing wipes or grab some baby wipes from any store.

6. Quick Hair Styling Hacks

There are a lot of posts on IMBB about quick hairstyles that do not require much efforts. I would like to add that doughnut buns are getting very popular and they are the best for lazy girls with greasy hair. On a bad hair day, messy braids always comes to rescue. Always keep a hair spray and bobby pins in stock.

7. Stylish yet Lazy Girl Friendly Outfits

easy outfit idea
There are some really nice outfits which make you look well dressed but need minimal efforts to get along with. Jackets, shirt dresses, rugged denims with full sleeves white shirt, neutrals with a tiny hint of color, rompers, jumpsuits-all are very comfy for us lazy girls yet make us look super stylish on a day out.

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