7 Low-Carb Diet Rules for Faster Weight Loss

Hey ladies,

Today, I am back with an article on simple low-carb diet rules that will help in faster weight loss. So, read on to know them.

7 Low-Carb Diet Rules for Faster Weight Loss5

1. Make a food diary/journal:

Studies show that women who maintain a food diary are more likely to lose weight faster as compared to women who munch mindlessly on their low-carb diet and do not watch their portions. Maintaining a food log gives you a reality check at the end of each day about where you go wrong and when do you crave for junk and sugar the most.

7 Low-Carb Diet Rules for Faster Weight Loss3

2. Dance through TV ad-breaks:

People who love watching television are often called couch-potatoes. To avoid being called one and falling in the dreaded category, get your heart pumped up during that 5-7 minutes commercial break. Skip, dance, go up and down the stairs to fix yourself a healthy salad but, get some moving. The more you fidget throughout the day, the more calories you are bound to lose.

3. Don’t let a cheat meal/day become a cheat weekend/week/month:

What happens after a cheat meal is that we regret it with all our heart that we tell ourselves that today is the last day of binge-junk eating and tomorrow, I will be a new leaf 😀 In case, the day after a cheat meal/day is a Sunday then it will become a cheat weekend. Also, if a festival or wedding is coming up in the family, it will turn into a cheat month. The key is to control the urge and discipline ourselves, tell yourself that this is all for a higher cause and stay motivated.

7 Low-Carb Diet Rules for Faster Weight Loss4

4. Walk/exercise/workout for 5 more minutes:

Increasing daily activities and workouts by just a few more minutes helps to lose weight faster. In case you cannot workout for longer periods of time just yet, start off with 10 minutes of mild exercise at first and gradually work it up by increasing 5 minutes at the end of each week. The goal should be to get at least 30 minutes of workout each day by the end of the month.

7 Low-Carb Diet Rules for Faster Weight Loss2

5. Add strength training to the picture:

Strength training builds your muscles, and it is a commonly known fact that the more muscles you have, the more weight you are bound to lose. Basic body weight exercises like squats and push-ups are an effective way to warm up your muscles without putting extra strain on them, and these exercises can be as good as hitting the gym if done using the right technique.

6. Juicing is not always the best option:

Many women must have told you how juicing improves your skin texture by giving it a blast of nutrients and vitamins. But, eating the whole fruit as compared to juicing it is way more beneficial as it provides you with the fibre, which keeps you fuller for longer periods of time and represses cravings for junk and sugar as well.

7 Low-Carb Diet Rules for Faster Weight Loss1

7. Get a good 8 hour-sleep:

This one is a no-brainer. The better you sleep, the lesser stress you will counter in your day-to-day life and the happier you will be. Studies show that people who burn midnight lamp are prone to gain weight and it also affects their quality of life. So, sleep well for a healthier and fitter body.

7 Low-Carb Diet Rules for Faster Weight Loss

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