7 Makeup Hacks to Make a Big Nose Look Smaller

By Dhrishti Kumar

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Today, I am back with a post on, ‘How to make a big nose look smaller with makeup tips and tricks’.


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1. Give an Attention To Your Other Strong Features:

If you have a problematic nose, one way to call off attention from it is to play up and enhance your other best features like your eyes, lips or even high cheekbones. Additionally, flaws like under-eye dark circles and fluffy eyes can draw attention to a problematic nose. Make sure to conceal and hide all such flaws and more importantly, always take an 8-hour beauty sleep!


2. Use a Slightly Darker Matte Foundation!:

Women with a wide nose should refrain from using light colored foundation near their noses and jawlines. Instead, use a slightly darker and matte foundation for a more chiselled face and stronger looking chiselled nose. Though don’t make the mistake of using a darker foundation for your whole face, makeup should be applied in both darker and lighter tones to make the nose appear smaller. We recommend using lighter tones to the sides of the nose by beginning from the top of your nose and work your way down to your nostrils. Alternatively, you can also use darker tones to the sides.

3. Contour your Cheekbones, Forehead and Nose:

Contour your cheeks and forehead with a darker shade compact powder or a matte based bronzer for chiselled sharp features. To contour your nose, apply a brown matte eyeshadow on the sides of your nose and blend well with your foundation. After that put on some highlighter on your ring finger and gently sweep over the middle of your nose.


4. Apply a Shimmer Blush:

You don’t really have to apply a lot of makeup products to make a bigger nose look small. As mentioned earlier, you can play up your other features like cheeks to take the attention to different areas. Adding in a bit of shimmery blush to your cheek bones can actually make your nose look a bit smaller and takes away the attention from it. Also, remember to highlight your cheeks!

5. Use a Matte Bronzer:

Bronzer is something that will never ever ditch you when you need to fix up your big nose or plump cheeks. Apply some on your cheeks, jaw lines and forehead to make your face look sharper. Bronzers give a sharper appearance to your overall look and make you look sultry and beautiful.


6. ALWAYS Use Loose Powder:

One of the biggest tips on how to fix a problematic nose is using matte-finish makeup products. We recommend you to always use a loose powder to set your whole face. This helps in keeping the shine at bay all day long! This works because a shinier-nose catches more attention and does not look really appealing when you have a wide or problematic nose.

7. Do a Bold Lip:

Finally, the last and the most fun way tip to take attention away from a big nose is to enhance and play with your pout. Adding a sheen and shine to your lovely lips apart from all the tips mentioned above can help in distracting people away from your big nose. So next time you are in the makeup candy lands like Sephora or MAC, ditch your favourite lipstick sections for a bit and check out the amazing lip glosses. You will be surprised to see the various varieties and formulas available out there!


That’s all for today sweethearts. Hope you girlies found this useful in some way 🙂

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