7 Makeup Hacks to Make Your Eyes Pop!

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Hope you all are doing great and enjoying summers. Today I am here to talk about eyes and this article is going to be very beneficial to those who have small eyes like me. I really envy those big eyes and the kind of makeup that can be done on big eyes. So let us find out some interesting and easy tricks to make your eyes pop. 🙂

7 Makeup Hacks to Make Your Eyes Pop!

1. Choose white and beige colored products

white eyeliner
It does miracles to your small eyes. There are a lot of hacks that can make your eyes pop but this white eye shadow hack is the best. It can be done in no time and the difference is pretty amazing. Just apply a layer of white eye shadow. Then apply eye shadow color(s) that go well with your outfit. You will have a rocking eye look for your day as this white shadow will add a brightness. The best part about using a white eye shadow is that it makes other shades stay in place too. If you are not comfortable with a white eye shadow, you can also go for a white eyeliner. The white color can be replaced by beige in your makeup.

2. Brighten up the eye area

Instead of applying your concealer in dots around your eyes, try and apply it in an inverted triangle shape by blending the product downwards. Also, do not forget to apply ice or chilled green tea bags on your eyes before makeup. This will keep puffiness at bay and will also reduce dark circles in the long run.

3. The 5-second clever trick

eyelash curler and mascara
This is a pretty interesting step that can make your eyes look prettier, more dramatic and bigger. Honestly, I don’t know why but I am scared of using eyelash curlers. But, you don’t have to be! Curl your eyelashes with a curler or with a spoon and you get instantly bigger and wide-awake eyes that are bright and attractive.

4. A new way to apply mascara

Instead of applying the same mascara all over, you need to double up this technique. Get brown mascara and apply it on your lower lashes and another jet black mascara on your upper lashes. Trust me, your eyes are going to look really attractive.

5. The correct eyeliner trick

thin eyeliner
Do not apply equal liner all over your lash line. Instead, keep it thin at the inner corners and middle too. Then make it slightly thicker at the outer corners. Do this on your top and bottom lashes. Applying a thick coat of liner all over your lash line will make your eyes look smaller. You can also use colored eyeliners and create an ombre effect.

6. Highlight it right

Bring a little light towards your eyes. Experiment with different shades of highlighters as a highlighter can help you in million ways. It is said that if a highlighter is applied correctly on three spots all over your eyes, then you can fake even a 10-hour sleep.

7. Don’t forget your eyebrows and lashes

false eyelashes
A thick set of lashes is a must for people with small or sleepy eyes. You can easily go as dramatic as you want to make your eyes look bright and wide. Also, don’t forget to pay ample to your eyebrows as they can make or break your entire look.

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