7 Makeup Tips and Hacks to Fake High Cheekbones

By Srijita Poddar

Hi my beautiful ladies,

How have you all been doing? I’m back with another post and this time we talk about some makeup tips and hacks. A lot of us are born with round facial structures and can’t help but envy the cheekbones which are sculpted and high like Kareena Kapoor, Angelina Jolie or Keira Knightley’s. You may not be able to defy genes but you can definitely get the most drool worthy cheekbones by following the given hacks and tips. So, dazzle with that sculpted face, giving every celeb a run for their money.

Start with a well-moisturised face

Thinking how a moisturiser can help you get a chiselled and sculpted face? Well, think again. The dryness will instantly add dullness, taking definition away from your face. Therefore, before applying makeup, always moisturise your face; the added gloss after moisturisation will glow more on the top of your cheekbones, drawing attention and enabling a lift.

Start highlighting with a shade lighter than your skin tone

The way of achieving high cheekbones in a foolproof manner with makeup is to contour and highlight. First, it is very important to pick the right shades. Begin by picking up a concealer or a cream foundation in a shade that is two tones lighter than your skin shade. Start by applying it in a triangular shape under your eyes. On your forehead, make an outward triangle and concentrate some product on the centre of your chin. Don’t forget to accentuate your nose by drawing a straight line on the bridge of your nose.

Get a bronzer in a shade two tones darker than your skin tone

To get the perfect model-like finish of high cheekbones try getting a bronzer which is creamy and warm or cool toned, depending on your skin tone. The bronzer is to be applied very carefully as this is the key ingredient which will create the illusion of high cheekbones. Apply the bronzer first right underneath your cheekbones; this trick will later give the lift. Continue by drawing a line underneath your jawline, around the edges of your forehead as well as on the sides of your nose.

The art of perfectly blending it in

For that perfect contouring, the most crucial step will be blending. It will be tricky to blend it with your fingers; therefore, it is time to take the assistance of some tools. Get your damp beauty blender and slowly pat on the light areas first to make them settle and blend on the skin using the narrower side of the beauty blender for smaller and narrower areas. Make sure not to rub it out too much and defeating the purpose of using light and dark shades. Blend the harsh lines keeping the light and shadows intact. You are almost ready with the high cheekbones!

Blush it on

A blush can add that instant perfection and height to your cheekbones and is perfect for day and formal wear. However, applying it can be very tricky as too much will end up looking like tacky. The lift of your cheekbones can be created perfectly with a smile. When you smile, the blush should be lightly brushed on the apples of your cheek or a cream blush can be subtly applied. Not only will it give your cheeks a rosy glow but also give you enviably high cheekbones.

Get the ultimate high with highlighter

The ultimate tool to get mile high cheekbones is your highlighters. If you’re using a liquid highlighter then dot it carefully on the highest points of your cheeks, extending far out and under the hollows where you have created the shade. Blend it in and seal it with a makeup fixing spray. If you are using a powder highlight then it’s best to use a fan brush and lightly sweep it on the cheekbones.

Use petroleum jelly or lip balm when you are in a rush

Instant hack for highlighting and adding height to your cheekbones will be a little bit of pink lip balm or some good old petroleum jelly. Swipe some on the high points of your cheeks and see how you get that celebrity like cheekbones.

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