7 Mistakes Fitness Obsessed Divas Should Avoid While Working Out

Getting a perfect figure is every girls thirst, but there are only few who actually put their need into practise. It shows your passion and love to stay fit and healthy. Give it a minute’s thought, are you working out the best way you should? There are many beauty habits that we carry along with us throughout the day, but it is very important to avoid them while working out. Though a Gym may look clean and a well hygienic place, they are not so. The Gym environment and machines breed bacteria that can be dangerous for your skin.
So let’s check out some mistakes to avoid here:

1. Wearing Makeup to Gym
7 Mistakes Fitness Obsessed Divas Should Avoid While Working Out

Do you want to really waste your expensive products by applying them on skin when you are going to exercise? No, it’s not a party, go as simple as you can. You should avoid wearing artificial makeup and harmful creams to gym, as they can affect your skin and cause clogged pores when in contact with sweat. Applying low base moisturiser is what you can proceed with.

2. Touching Facial Skin

7 Mistakes Fitness Obsessed Divas Should Avoid While Working Out

Remember, your skin is the way you left it after your CTM routine, so no need to check it again and again. Especially when you are working on machines, you should avoid touching your face. Machines are where maximum bacteria are present so touching face frequently may convert your skin to a breeding ground for them.

3. Not Pulling Hair Back


Do you wish to wear those heavy trendy hairstyles for gym? There is no particular or self-explanatory reason for wearing those hairstyle. Leave it simple, you can take all your hair back and tie a high pony or wear those hand bands to keep them in place and safe too. Try to keep off your hands always.

4. The Wrong Hairband


First of all, choosing a good quality hair band is a must, so that it allows your hair and scalp to breathe freely. You should not wear them on the forehead but pull it back further till the hairline. Hair bands near the forehead will accumulate sweat, which may leave you with an irritated skin and also breakouts near forehead.

5. Not Washing Gym Towels Often

7 Mistakes Fitness Obsessed Divas Should Avoid While Working Out

The moment you step back home, put your used towel in the machine so that they are washed properly. Keep 2-3 separate sets of clean towel for gym, so that you are totally away from bacterial infection. Bacteria and fungus can breathe effectively in damp and moisture rich places. You can also keep some face wipes or tissues in your bag in case you forget your towel.

6. Not Using Sanitizers

7 Mistakes Fitness Obsessed Divas Should Avoid While Working Out

If you have religiously followed the guidelines and completed your workout, use sanitizers next. Some people have a habit to take a gym shower, if you don’t want to, you don’t need to. Come back home and get a good shower but till then use sanitizers and avoid touching your skin and hair too.

7. Keeping Sticky and Sweaty Toes

7 Mistakes Fitness Obsessed Divas Should Avoid While Working Out

Not only with men, but sweaty and smelly toes are common issues with women too. You should soak your feet in green tea lukewarm water, which will help to reduce the smell. Do not forget to wipe them before you wear your shoes! You can also dab some baby powder on your feet or shoe sole to be odor free.

Are you committing these crimes while workout? Never mind, what’s done is done, but remember them during your next gym visit!

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