7 New Ways to Style Your Bangs if They Keep Falling All Over Your Face

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I’m sure all of us love experimenting with our hair and I am sure most of us have either tried cutting straight bangs or side swept bangs as they look good on every face type and completely change your look. But once your hair starts growing, the bangs start falling all over your face. Therefore today, I’ll be telling you all about the ways of styling your bangs if they are falling over your face. These few easy and quick hairstyles will help you manage your bangs with cutting them short again, and of course will keep you stylish.

8 Ways to Style Your Bangs if They Keep Falling All Over Your Face

1) Try a poof

pouff with straight hair

The first hairstyle is the easiest of all and does not consume a lot time. It is best for every on-the-go girl. All you have to do is take your bangs and pull them towards the crown of your hair and twist the end making a poof. After making the poof, just pin up the twisted ends with bobby pins. One can also opt for the side poof. This hairstyle is great for every face type and it makes your face look slimmer as well.

2) Go for centre-parting

centre parting bangs

All you have to do is part your hair from the center. After parting your hair, take one side of your bangs and start twisting/braiding your hair towards the end and then pin up your hair at the end. Take some strands from the crown of your head and put them over the pins in order to hide the pins. This is a great hairstyle for straight hair and wavy hair.

3) Try this three hair parting style

unique way to style bangs

All you got to do is make three or four partitions of your bangs. One by one start twisting your section towards the crown of your hair and then pin it up with the help of bobby pins.

4) Braid back

stylish bangs

The hairstyle will look like a hair puff near your hairline and will eventually end up with a braid or you can even let your hair lose. Firstly, you have to take your bangs and pull them toward the crown of your hair. You could braid or twist your bangs back. Now braid the rest of your hair too or let them fall, as you like it.

5) Keep twisting your bangs


Make a side partition of your hair. Make two partitions of your side swept bangs and turn them round and at the same time around each other. As you reach towards the end of your bangs, take a small partition of your full length hair and add them along with your bangs and continue twisting them around each other. Towards the end, pin down your hair above your ear with bobby pins.

6) Ever tried a head band?

hand bands

For all those lazy days, you can prevent your hair coming over your forehead with the help of a scarf tie over your forehead or with the help of a hair band.

7) Start tucking

tuck bangs in a hair band

One can also use an elastic band and start twisting and tucking the ends of your hair inside hair band. If you are proficient enough, you can do this even without a hair band.

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