7 of the Biggest Controversies that Shocked Bollywood in 2015

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2015 was an eventful year for our B-town. It was full of breaking news and controversies, just like any other year. Let’s rewind together and talk about the biggest news of bollywood in 2015!

bollywood controversy 2015

“Intolerance in India”
aamir khan kiran rao

Mr. Perfectionist said in an interview that the recent incidents of violence in the country have alarmed him and prompted his wife Kiran Rao to consider leaving India for the safety of their child. It was deemed not so perfect by politicians, his colleagues, activists and general public. People certainly weren’t very tolerant towards his intolerant comments!

The “Meri Maggi” Mess
maggi controversy

Our very own Maggi was banned for a few months for carrying high lead content, while we waited eagerly for maggi to get back, some big celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit and Preity Zinta were slapped with notices by the Tamil Nadu consumer forum for false advertisement of the product.

My ‘Fair’ Lady

aishwarya in kalyan jwellers advertisement

Aishwarya Rai had her own share of unfair controversy when a jewellery brand she endorses showed her sitting like a queen while a black boy held an umbrella over her. The photo was considered distasteful and racist. All this became a huge controversy and the actress’ publicist had to release a statement saying “final layout is the prerogative of the creative team of a brand”.

Not so Tweety Tweets by Dabang Khan and His Hit-and-Run Case:

salman khan hit and run

Salman and controversies go hand in hand and this year was no different. He posted several tweets about Yakub Menon, the 1993 Mumbai blasts convict saying that he was innocent and he was punished for his brother Tiger Menon’s sins. Obviously when you are a star, you don’t have any right to voice your opinion in India as it will lead to backlash; just like it did for him.

Another controversy that Salman was a part of was his age-old hit-and-run case. The session court held him guilty for the same but the High Court acquitted him all of the charges. His fans were in celebration mode while many questioned the court’s decision.

The Biggest Bollywood Roast:
aib roast

Okay how many of you watched the AIB roast where few bollywood people came together and made fun of bollywood. There were use of abuses, filthy language and what not. Although stars present at the roast had a hearty laugh and they all took it sportingly but some of the stars and activists could not do the same. Hence the huge controversy! Here is one one-liner from the roast-probably the cleanest one!
Arjun, it’s good you’ve lost weight and are now dating Sonakshi Sinha. But we know they’re all rumours because you’re not allowed to touch carbs.

Cricketer and Actress Controversy:
virat kohli and anushka sharma

Which was the cricketer-actress pair that found themselves facing the wrath of people? Yes you guessed them right, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli. When Virat Kohli failed to give a strong performance during the Cricket World Cup semi-finals, everyone went berserk and blamed Anushka for his bad performance. In the end, Virat managed to shut the mouths of critics by standing by his lady love.

The Heartbreaking Suicide of a Starlet:
jiah khan

Jiah Khan’s suicide came as a terrible shock for the Bollywood but as various things are unwrapping, it seems her boyfriend “the not so hero- Sooraj Pancholi” may have been the reason towards the suicide. There are so many developments in the case but no matter what, an innocent girl did lose her life!

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