7 Outdated Makeup Rules You Must Avoid

By Chanchala Bose

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, yes the statement sounds too good. But if looking pretty makes you confident and feel good about yourself, then why not put extra efforts to look flawless. There are hard and fast rules when it comes to the makeup but as the time changes, so does the rules. So, here we present to you some rules that are terribly outdated and still followed by a large number of women to this date.

makeup mistakes

1. Stretching the eye area

While applying eyeliner, we make a terrible mistake of pulling the skin near the outer corner of the eyes backwards. It harms the elasticity around the area and you run the risk of ending up with saggy and “old looking” eyes. And there is more, if your eye isn’t at rest while applying the liner, you could totally mess it up.

2. Lines on the brows

Drawing some heavy lines on your eyebrows is not a good idea at all. In the attempt of matching the hair colour with the colour of the eyebrow, this mistake happens. This may result in unnatural and funny looking eyebrows. Who wants to be a laughing stock after all, if they can look pretty without much effort?

3. Too much blush on the lower face

applying blush

Everybody likes pinkish cheek but there is a massive mistake that females make knowingly or unknowingly. Giving the cheeks a pinkish blush sounds good but there is a certain area where you should limit the application. The lower part of the cheeks should be spared that blush. The makeup looks overdone and there is nothing more unattractive than that.

4. Contouring

Not every face shape is the same. We get it that you think Kim Kardashian is the “perfect makeup” woman and you want to have a face like her. So you stand in front of the mirror everyday for hours and try contouring the face. While the truth is that, it might give you the desired look but using too many different products is not really a good idea. It might give you orange patches and you will probably end up hating your makeup.

5. Lipstick on the bare lips

Yes, there is this thing that you work in the office all day and your lipstick comes off due to food/fluid intake and you feel the urgent urge to go to the mirror and put some lipstick on. But here is the catch; it might make your lips look not-so-pretty in the long run. Lipsticks generally dry out the lips and you should apply a lip balm first.

6. Using fingers to apply foundation

makeup with fingers

If you want us to put it simply, applying foundation with fingers gives uneven and choppy finish. And the sponge that you are thinking of using or already using is soaking up a lot of your foundation. So in other words, you are not doing it right and while doing it all wrong, you are actually wasting some extra money on that. Always use an appropriate brush.

7. Checking the foundation on wrong places

More often than not, women check the foundation shade on the their wrist/hand but in there is a huge difference in the shade when you compare your face and hand. Always apply foundation on the jaw-line for the perfect colour match.

However, most of the errors that we have described over here are just silly mistakes that people have been making since a very long time. The time has changed, so should the rules. So keep yourself updated with the new makeup trends and stay beautiful.

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  1. Hey Chanchala,

    Nice sum up! Thanks for the tips!!

    I am sure many of make some of these mistakes. As for me, I tend to apply lipstick on bare lips, inspite of carrying lip balm, feel lazy to cleanse and redo. Also apply foundation with my fingers!!??

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