7 Outfits That Sonam Kapoor Copied From Hollywood

5. Sonam Kapoor and Marion Cotillard in Dior.  When it comes to white, Dior seems to be the obvious choice of celebrities.  Marion Cotillard wore a high-low strapless dress with black, yellow, and blue panels.  Sonam Kapoor appeared in the same outfit for the photoshoot for Hi! Blitz.

Outfits That Sonam Kapoor Copied From Hollywood

6. Sonam Kapoor and Kerry Washington in a white and black Dior dress.  Sonam wore it to the launch party of Ave 29 and Kerry Washington at the ABC Fall preview.

Outfits That Sonam Kapoor Copied From Hollywood

7. Sonam Kapoor and Emily Blunt in Elie Saab yellow dress.  It’s difficult to tell who looks better – both rock it.

Outfits That Sonam Kapoor Copied From Hollywood

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11 thoughts on “7 Outfits That Sonam Kapoor Copied From Hollywood

  1. jomol, i am loving these posts….well sonam seems to have picked up stuff from same designers, by coincidence or by choice but Deepika seemed to replicate the designs! i think deepika looked best in cannes wearing a saree, she has her own persona she shouldn’t copy nay hollywood celebrity!

  2. Sonam looks way prettier than her holly counterparts in the dresses (nope I`m not being blindly patriotic) 😛 – esp in the jennifer lawrence dress – cause she`s tall ,has beautiful undamaged hair (just needs to loose a bit of weight from her thighs ) – otherwise – I think she carried them off pretty well. It`s hard to do so as Indians tend to be curvier – but she did it – great post – we all can pick up some pointers from here. *shy* *shy*

  3. wow!!! hats off jomol …. *jai ho* you take so much efforts to compile these kind of lists….sonam kapoor is someone who sometimes looks pretty & cute and other times look artificial….and i feel the same for some of these outfits….

  4. Sonam rocked every outfit in this one 🙂 but I did not like her second outfit though *nababana* I looooved her at cannes this year *jai ho* her ball gown definitely got me oggling *drool* *drool*

  5. ohh..India has blessed with so many talented designers, why so much fascination to copy Hollywood *nababana* *nababana* ..dear fashionista Sonam u suppose to be unique always. Jomol so much fun to read dis.. *clap* *clap*

  6. Jomo… I m loving this new series u hav started… Though deepika carried off the dresses with aplomb….. I cant say this for sonam… Except for pic 5 and 7…. I dont think she carried anyone of them well

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