7 Post-Waxing Mistakes You should Stop Making Now

Waxing is perhaps the most sought-after method to get rid of unwanted hair. And, though we get regular waxing done, we make these basic mistakes which lead to infections, inflammations and redness. In this post, I will tell you about the seven sins you should stop committing now to make waxing a better experience.

7 Post-Waxing Mistakes You should Stop Making Now

Going for a dip in the pool

Avoid swimming pools for a few days. Our skin can be more prone to bacteria and infections for a couple of days, following a waxing session. Plus, your pores tend to stay open more, increasing the chances of contamination from public pools.


woman swimming

After waxing, our skin becomes super sensitive for some days. The sensitive skin is more susceptible to harmful UV rays. Sun damage can lead to pigmentation and wrinkles so try staying indoors. Also try to use a broad spectrum sunblock to minimize sun burns and UV damage.

Steamy intimate sessions

It’s best you avoid physical intimacy for a day or two after waxing. The friction can lead to chafing of your super sore and sensitive skin. This is especially true after a bikini wax.

Say no to fragrances

perfume after waxing

Go the unscented route. That includes not using perfumes, lotions and shower gels that contain fragrances or artificial colors. These ingredients can irritate your freshly waxed skin.

Skinny jeans are a big NO!

Basically we should avoid tight clothes for the next 2 days. Let your skin breathe and avoid tight clothes and materials that will rub sensitive spots and cause redness and rashes. Airy clothes are your best bets at such times. Why not ditch your skinny jeans for palazzo pants and maxi dresses; they are perfect plus you don’t need to compromise on your style.

Avoid workouts

Finally, you’ve got the perfect excuse to skip your workout without your guilty conscience bothering you. Intense sweaty workouts are not really a good idea after waxing as they can cause friction on waxed areas and sweating can lead to irritation and infections.

Exfoliation woes

Exfoliation after waxing

Waxing is a kind of exfoliation process itself since it removes the topmost layer of dead skin with your hair, making it more sensitive to damage with any kind of scrubbing. So exfoliate your skin prior to waxing, and avoid abrasive scrubs for at least two days. You can go back to your skincare regime which includes scrubbing, after the first 2 days.

Stop sweating

Though sweating makes sure your body maintains its internal temperature and flushes out toxins, avoid sweating after waxing. Getting too hot exaggerates irritation and redness, and sweating helps spread bacteria. Also sweat build up can cause clogging of pores. So stay cool and avoid sweltering heat after waxing.

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